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Change of command

We cannot do what we do without our faithful supporters.  Your prayers, encouragement, love, and finances are so important to our ministry with Military Casa.  As you may know, everything we do is 100% supported by faithful friends who love the Lord and/or are Patriots.  Thank you so much if you support us prayerfully and financially! 

Sign-up for our blog updates – Stay up to date with what God’s doing through our work so you know how to pray for us best.  Please click on the FOLLOW link in the lower righthand corner and complete the process!

Partner with us financially –

• Support the Beaudin Family.  If the Lord has put this ministry on your heart, if you have a little wiggle room in your tithe to God, and you would like to join our team please click on this link to learn more and Donateto the Beaudin’s. 

If you wish to donate by mail please send your check to • Military Casa, 535 Texas Street, Rapid City, SD 57701 

9 thoughts on “Support Our Work

  1. We are so excited for this new step in your journey! Trusting the Lord for great blessings as you walk with Him in faithfulness to His calling!

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  2. Todd and Penny; I am so excited to hear you have your full support. Please add me to your blog list as I will continue to pray for you and the positive affect I know you will have on our military and vets. As a veteran myself, I know some of the struggles. You will need a different type of strength and understanding than you have had working with youth, but I see it as a great fit for your gifts. My prayers for your wisdom and courage dealing with our countries protectors and defenders. May God continue to expand your spiritual and emotional boundaries. In Christ, your brother Tom Potton

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