Summertime in Upstate New York

A Beaudin Pic

“So thankful for Todd & Penny!  Thank you for all the support and treating me like family, it means more than you’ll ever know.”  – from one of our soldiers

Summer finds us plenty busy with soldiers in and out of our home.  There is rarely a day we don’t have at least one if not a few at the house.  We are thankful they see this place as an oasis they can decompress from Ft. Drum and that they feel safe to just be ‘them.’

We have seen strong numbers throughout the summer attending our Friday night meal and Bible study with between 25 to 40+ in the house.  Our chaplains have also been active with us at the house as well which blesses us immensely.  Most soldiers come because they were invited by a soldier that already attends and we continue to encourage them to see this property as a tool to love on and build relationship with the ‘Joe’s and Jane’s’ they work with daily to share the Gospel.

We’ve been busy helping our chaplains where ever we can.  We lead a greeting/hospitality ministry at Sunday Chapel on Post, Emily and Todd are regular worship team leaders (Emily sings & Todd plays drums).  We also help with a single soldiers ministry and will be working with the Post VBS all next week.

At the house Penny has been working with around 6 ladies teaching sewing as a way to get to know them and build relationships as they talk about many things in life and Bible.  Both Todd & Penny continue to meet with soldiers for various studies and counseling weekly.  Todd has had the blessing of having one soldier come over regularly to help him get projects done on the house and property.  We just received a large financial gift that will allow AC to be added to existing forced air furnace so the house will soon have central air for the first time!  This may be lost on our Alaska friends but let me tell you, it gets really hot and humid here in the summer!  We still have two large projects we want to complete to see this full house renovation done.  You can learn about what they are HERE.

You should be seeing a letter in the mail soon from us including the picture above as a magnet for your fridge!  Please keep the prayers coming, we see hurt and PTSD symptoms regularly.  These precious people and families would appreciate it and so would we!

As always, we’ll leave you with some pictures of what we’ve been up to…


Penny & I escaped to Buffalo, NY to celebrate our anniversary, stay the night, and eat ridiculous size steaks.  26 years in love and counting!

Bible Study

When it’s not too hot, we meet outside for Bible study!  We’ve been making our way through the Gospel of John chapter by chapter!

Bible Study 2

Bible Study in Basement

When it’s too hot outside we meet in the only place that is cool!  The basement!


Soldiers birthdays are celebrated every month with the homemade dessert of their choice!  Pray for Brad, this young man is a Chinook pilot and is deployed currently to Germany.

Bordenave Move 2

Moving is an ongoing activity at Ft. Drum.  The Navigator and Cadence ministries Helping Kevin & Raissa get packed up!

Bordenave Move 3Bordenave Move

Bounce House

Kids love the bounce house on Friday nights!  Emily & Kelsey continue to work with the kids and we are so thankful for their work!

Bounce House2

Bye Athena

Praying for and saying goodbye to Athena.  Pray for her and husband Logan, and their infant son Aiden.  Athena and Logan are both Apache pilots and are PCS’ing to South Korea.

Bye Brad

Praying for and saying goodbye, for now, to Brad as he is deployed.

Bye Christina

Praying for and saying goodbye to Christina.  She and her husband Matt are retiring from the military and she transitioned early to their new digs as Matt waited for paperwork to clear.

Bye Matt 2

Matt’s last day as a solider and a proud holder of a DD214!  Matt and his dog Riley lived with us for a week as he tied up all the loose ends.

Bye Matt 3

The Cadence crew helping Matt & Christina clean the apartment for check out.

Bye Matt

Bye Matt!

Canoe 1

Todd was asked to put together a canoe trip for the Ft. Drum youth group and Josh helped him float the river on a recon trip.  The trip got put on the back burner for now because of scheduling conflicts.

Canoe 2

Canoe 3

The Hospitality House has boats because we are on the Black River!  The property now has a boat tree to store them!  Thanks Nic for your help!

Concert in the Park 2

The group had a fun time at Thompson Park a few miles away from the Hospitality House attending an outside concert (Syracuse Orchestra), Cannon fire, and fireworks over the city of Watertown!

Concert in the Park 3

The 1812 Overture was being played and the smoke is from the cannons, complements of Ft. Drum.

Concert in the Park 4Concert in the Park


Fresh cut flowers from the House yard!

Game Night

Some of the guys playing a game, unwinding, and fellowshipping!  Rank doesn’t matter much at the house!

Kelsey's Surgery

A few weeks ago we had a big scare as Kelsey needed Emergency Surgery to remove an ovary as she had an ovarian torsion.  One week later she was back to her regular teenager life!  Praise God!

Kid Birthday

Being a military kid can be hard and sometimes we get the honor to be family!  Who doesn’t love a birthday party?!

Miitary Ball

We were invited to attend a Battalion military ball!

Military Ball 2

Kelsey is growing up to be a beautiful lady like her mom and sister!

Military Ball 3

Dad is so honored to dance with his girl!

Military Ball 4

So thankful for my bride!  Just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

Neakita Visit 2

Emily was blessed to have her bestie stay for two weeks here in New York, then Emily went to Alaska for two weeks!

Neakita Visit

Nori & Dixie

Nori continues to be a huge asset to our ministry and she is a loved part of our family.  Her anxiety with other dogs has lessened and she now has playmates (and cuddle buddies) as we continue to watch soldiers dogs from time to time.

Nori 2

So patient with kids!

Nori 3

She is loved and a part of the Beaudin Family!


Always looking for a little attention!

Perez Visit

Our regional directors Danny & Kathryn Perez came for their annual visit.  We always enjoy their company, love, encouragement, and wisdom!

Single Solder

Penny showing some love by making banana bread for the single soldier ministry on Ft. Drum.  Who doesn’t like homemade when all you get is MRE’s, Defac food, and the barracks?

Soldiers eating on Deck

Thankful for a big deck and lots of soldiers and family!

Soldiers on Deck

Soldiers on the Deck 3

One of the favorite summertime meals!

Titco Visit

Our friends and ministry partners, the Titco family.  They serve CRU Military at Ft. Eustis, VA.  So awesome to have them come hang out with us for a weekend!

Yard Cleaning 1

Renovation work on the yard and house continue every week.  We finished cleaning out the back end of the property so you can see the Black River really well!

Yard Cleaning 2Yard Cleaning 4

Yard Cleaning 5

Nothing is free in New York except yard debris removal!  The city came by with a truck and wood chipper and it was all gone in 20 minutes!

Yard Cleaning 6

Panoramic of the backyard.  It’s shaping up nicely!

Z last photo

…and we might as well take a picture in the backyard!   (This is what your fridge magnet should look like.  Be watching for something from us in the mail this next month!)

Thanks again for taking the time to catch up with what’s happening on the mission field.  The Gospel is being shared by word and deed!  Please continue to pray that these men and women will be as bold with the Gospel as they are in protecting our freedoms!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.  Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story— those He redeemed from the hand of the foe, those He gathered from the lands, from east and west, from north and south.”  Psalm 107: 1-3

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  1. Love hearing about and from you guys !!! It was great seeing Emily (if only for a few short min.). Sure do miss seeing you all. Love you, Miss Becky

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