Operation Paint the Walls & Cover Floors!

Support the renovation project at the Ft. Drum Hospitality House.

Hello everyone! We are in the process of fixing and sprucing up our heroes, the 10th Mountain Division’s hospitality house. The hospitality house has good bones but needs some renovation (more insulation, thermal windows & doors, new flooring, wall paper removal, texture and paint, and new furnishings). These will be one time donations that will keep a vitally needed ministry home at Ft. Drum open and in good order for our servicemen. We are the only hospitality ministry, I’m aware of, to this very large Army post and we are busy everyday of the week.

Our first campaign will address wall paper removal (the house is 90% wallpapered) and apply a fresh coat of new paint throughout the whole house and new carpet upstairs. We hope to complete this project within two months. Our bedrooms are upstairs and we are still living out of our suitcases. We would like to renovate now so I don’t have to tell the girls they need to move entirely out of their rooms so the walls and carpet can be done.

The first floor will get all new paint. There is a combination of hardwood, laminate, linoleum, and carpet on this floor. It is a very high traffic area, people come and go through both the front and back doors, the kitchen, dining area, and living room are on this floor. We would like to replace the flooring with a solid hardwood that can be refinished for years to come. The first floor flooring and new furniture will be our second campaign, so please pray about it’s completion as well! Our third campaign will consist of fixing drafty windows, doors, and install adequate insulation where needed, which should be done during warmer weather, so prayerfully we are hoping this summer.

We’ve been told we are crazy to take on such big tasks immediately after the completion of our personal support raising to get to the mission field. I like to think of it as faith.

If you love our military and would like to say thank you to them for protecting our freedoms, here’s an opportunity.  Ft. Drum deploys more than any other military installation, so these are your servicemen who are on the front lines the most. This ministry is vital. I keep hearing soldiers tell me that the house ministry has literally saved their lives. We are honored to provide a solace for them as we share our lives and the Gospel with the military.

If donations exceed our needs for the first campaign they will be rolled over to the second and third campaign. Thank you for those of you who have pledged and given to this worthy cause.

Click Here to see where we are today!


The first campaign will cost $12,000 dollars. If you would like to help us please click here: Donate!

Paint house pic

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