Working, Serving, & Loving!

Version 4There’s been good commotion happening at the Cadence International Hospitality House at Ft. Drum!  In May, Jason Bucho, Shawn Holly, Ben, Kari, & Rosie Nabinger arrived from Alaska to help install new windows in the house and all 12 were installed!  They were not the correct size for the openings so plenty of sheetrock work happened afterwards.

Not long after that, the back porch door and front door arrived.  We had a few of our servicemen help us carry them into place and help with the installation and they look good!  But more than looking good, the exterior wall insulation, attic insulation and these doors and windows should bring our heating bill down quite a bit this next winter!  Praise the Lord for these accomplishments and thanks to all of you who sent gifts to see this part of the job through!  A total surprise in this whole process came when I asked for a quote for new vinyl siding for the house, just to know what the cost would be.  ABC Supply here in Watertown, Ny contacted their supplier and they donated all the siding for free!  Then the busiest siding company in town worked us into their schedule and installed the siding!  We  had half the money and within a week God provided the rest!  The exterior of the house is now complete and ready for winter!

We continue to enjoy loving on our servicemen & women!  Our numbers have increased and run from the mid twenties to mid thirties on a Friday night and there are always folks who drop in on us to visit or seek counsel during the week.  We are seeing a lot of young couples and lots of little kids!  Emily & Kelsey are doing an amazing job running a children’s ministry while Penny & I work with the adults!  Penny has had lots of help from our soldiers wives cooking in the kitchen and they also help bring food and desserts on Fridays.  We have both been busy mentoring and disciplining servicemen which has been richly rewarding!  We finished our Friday night study of the book of James and are now in Philippians and frequently meet outside around the fire in the evenings for Bible Study.  Todd continues to meet with and work alongside our chaplains, attend change of command ceremonies, counsel Biblically P.T.S.D. issues, and He baptized one of our guys down in the river at our property!  The Lord is at work in our servicemen at Ft. Drum!

We will have been on the field one year in mid September and our personal support continues to stay at 100% which we are so thankful of each of you who make a sacrifice each month to sustain us in this vitally important ministry.  An area we are still trying to shore up a deficit is with the cost of house ministry.  We desire to see the house budget at 100% so we can count on the money being there every month for the mortgage, insurance, cost of food on Friday nights, and to meet with soldiers.  We are gaining momentum with  monthly support but still have a ways to go.  Pray with us on this and if God so inclines you to help even in the littlest bit please click HERE.  Much like a church has a budget for the building and program, this is what we are trying to shore up.

There is still more renovation to be done to the house!  Todd needs to trim out the inside of the new windows, there’s still painting to do, we are still praying for an HVAC person to come help us plan a way to get us completely off electric baseboard heat upstairs and once that is done we will move into our final phase of the renovation which is much needed new flooring on the first floor, a small kitchen update, and new furniture in the living room and dining room.  Todd just recently replaced all the old receptacles and switches in the house which were 1950’s vintage and many had shorts or just plain didn’t work.  It felt a little weird throwing antiques away haha!  As I write this, there isn’t anything left in the project fund to continue work.  But as I told someone the other day, if the Lord wants us to keep working on His house He will provide!  Until then, we shall wait to go back to work!   If you want to keep us working so this huge project comes to completion please click HERE.

As always, we believe pictures tell better stories than our words so we will leave you with visual stories!  Please Enjoy and please know that we love each of you for your prayers and support!  Thanks for loving us and especially our servicemen who sacrifice so much!

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4


Urethane insulation done, just need to blow cellulose over the top this fall.


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Jason and Shawn hard at it!



The scissor lift was necessary to install the Anderson windows.


So thankful for these guys!


Installing a new header where there wasn’t much of one before.


Thanks Nabinger’s for bring Rosie… oh, and of course for all your hard work!


Taking out the water and wood rotted door.


Celebrating new life with Logan and Athena!


Friday nights are our favorite day of the week!


Bible Study in the backyard!


Welcoming home our deployed soldiers happens all the time.


We continue to watch our servicemen’s dogs when they need to be out of town.


New vinyl siding going on!



New front door installed.


New back patio door installed.



We hope to renovate this next spring.  We would like to run the children’s ministry out of the bunkhouse.


BBQ with the Wysor’s!


Thanks Matt for being brave enough to face the demons of war!


Artwork of a PTSD sufferer.  The battle doesn’t stay in foreign lands.



Food brings everyone together!  Another Friday night!


Rob celebrating new spiritual life and obedience in baptism!


Baptized in the river in our backyard!


Change of Command ceremony.  Congrats Lewis!  He’s now in charge of 10 Blackhawk’s, gear, and all the servicemen it takes to fly and operate them.


‘Merica!  Hooah!