Wintertime at the Hospitality House!


There is much happening at Ft. Drum with our soldiers!  Block Leave (Holiday Leave), JRTC (Month long training at Ft. Polk), TDY’s (Temporary duty assignment/training) and preparation for Deployment.  The pace is crazy busy and these families feel it.  Sometimes Penny and I long for the days of church ministry when people pretty much stick around for large blocks of time, not so with military life, but we wouldn’t trade it!  Of course this pace makes life hard for our soldiers and wives but it’s especially hard on the children, they sacrifice much.

Penny and I continue to pour into anyone who will allow us to do so through friendship, mentorship, and discipleship and our calendar is full.  Todd is currently teaching through the book of John on Friday nights which has been rich.  Depending on what is going on with our soldiers schedules we’ve been averaging anywhere from 20 to 40 people at the H. House for a “home cooked meal,” Bible Study, and Fellowship.  Sometimes guys don’t leave until way after midnight, sitting around the table drinking coffee and talking about important issues in life and faith.  Sometimes guys crash in the basement instead of heading back to the barracks.

As you look through the pictures below would you look for prayer opportunities and keep us all in prayer?  There is so much more I wish I could share with you but won’t because of confidentiality, but please know that there is a lot of deep hurt in the lives of many military families and singles.  We all covet your prayers and remember our Chaplains.


Our mission statement to the military



Todd was invited to a military Navigators conference which was helpful to learn what the Navigators do with the military!  In this picture is Lt. Jim Downing, the second oldest Pearl Harbor survivor who was the keynote speaker at 103 years old speaking to a soldier.  We are so thankful for the Navigators at Ft. Drum and what they do, it’s an honor to do ministry alongside them!


Jessica, a soldiers wife and friend of Penny’s, is busy in the kitchen making jalapeño jelly.


Our annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party!



Gingerbread competitions!



All the renovations and added insulation for the Hospitality House have made a huge difference in the utility bills, we are paying 50% less every month!  Praise the Lord!



Expository teaching through the book of John, we are tackling key passages in each chapter.  What a blessing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Praying and saying goodbye to John and Amanda Sexton and kids as they head to Ft. Bliss


It never gets any easier to say goodbye and it’s the thing we most dislike about this ministry.


New Year’s Eve Party playing board games!



Ski/Board trip to Snow Ridge (40 minutes away)!  We didn’t get everyone in the picture but most!


Nori is the newest addition to the Beaudin family.  She is a rescue dog and a sweetheart!  Good with people and kids but we believe she needs some work adapting to other dogs.  Please pray for Nori and for us as we go through obedience training and acclimation with other dogs.



Shooting at the Ft. Drum rifle range with Ruben Rodriguez


100 yards out


Kelsey doing home school


Please pray for this dear family.  Kim and kids recently started coming to the H. House.  This family will be geologically separated for possibly two years while he is in Germany.  This is on the back of him being deployed just a year ago.


Keven deploys very soon, please pray for him and his wife as she waits at home for Keven to return.  Pray for safety and for time to fly.


Watching soldiers cut up credit cards!  Todd has been attending a Dave Ramsey Military Financial Peace class with Emily for her future financial goals and to possibly help teach this class in the future on Post or at the H. House.


Welcome to the H. House!


Kelsey asked her Dad to attend a Dad/Daughter banquet at Ft. Drum, and of course her dad said YES!


She looks all grown up!



Kelsey sitting in-between two of her friends, Katie and Maria, who are both Chaplain’s daughters.


Todd was “Coined” by Lt. Col. George A. Hodges, 1st Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment Commander as a token of appreciation for what the Cadence Ministry does in sharing the Gospel and our lives with their soldiers here at Ft. Drum.

We thank each of you for your continued support!  As the weather starts to warm up we will continue with renovations on the Hospitality House.  If you would like to know where we stand with the renovation please click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page where it talks about the house renovation!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your prayers and support!  We LOVE being in partnership with each of you who pray and financially support this awesome ministry.  May God continue to do awesome things through all of us!

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!  Psalm 126:3