Running Hard!

Wow!  looking back over the last month and a half has proven a whirlwind of activity for the Beaudins!  Since taking over the directorship of the Ft. Drum Hospitality House we have been non-stop moving!  Our weekly schedule is filled with meals, Bible study, mentorship, counseling, meetings with Chaplains, and lots of drop in visits from our heroes – sometimes they stay overnight on a couch.  Penny and I are meeting with ladies and guys on a regular basis and I am currently teaching on Evangelism and just started a men’s study on Biblical manhood.  We’ve been seeing on average 20+ soldiers and on Friday nights and it’s beginning to grow with a diversity of singles, young marrieds, older marrieds as well as children.

Penny has unpacked her kitchen but that’s about as far as we’ve gotten!  When we are not ministering to servicemen we are working on the Hospitality House as there’s lots of maintenance and projects to accomplish!  Fall has found us outside raking an immense amount of leaves and preparing the property for winter.  Also, this old house is due for some renovation.  It has good bones but needs some fresh paint, flooring, and furniture.  The walls are 90% wallpapered and much of it has been up for two decades which must be professionally removed, textured, and prepared for paint.  We plan to paint the whole interior of the house to give it a fresh feel once the walls are ready.  New carpet in the bedrooms needs to happen as well.  You can learn more by clicking this link: Support our Work and donate to this worthy project.

The way we see it, these guys deserve the very best we can give them.  The sacrifice they and their families make for our freedoms is bigger than you will ever know.  Almost everyone here is detached from their family in some way.  We have married men who are here without their families, married women and children without their deployed husbands/dads.  Young singles, for some it’s their first time away from home, who don’t have much going on after work and desire to be somewhere – anywhere but the barracks.  The hospitality house provides a vital need to so many and we desire to give them the very best we possibly can.

I’ll leave you with pictures to give you insight into our life and work with the 10th Mountain Division – “Climb to Glory!”

Bible study

Bible Study after dinner on Friday Night. Todd is teaching on Evangelism.


Emily & Kelsey out on a bike ride!

deploy 1

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 2

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 3

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 4

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 5

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 6

Pray for our deployed from the house!


Pray for our deployed from the house!

Emily cooking

Emily cooking breakfast for dinner on Friday Night!

Emily singing

Emily helping in Chapel Service!


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement

Kelsey Canoeing

Kelsey and Dad enjoying the Black River in our backyard!


Mountain Biking with Keven!


Leaves everywhere!

Version 2

B.Y.O.M. (bring your own meat) Guys Night and start of Biblical Manhood series!

Penny & Kelsey

More leaves!

rock 1

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soldiers!

rock 2

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soldiers!

rock 3

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soliders!

rock 4

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soldiers!

Keep praying for us, we so need it.  It’s a privilege to do this ministry with you!  Thank you for your support!

3 thoughts on “Running Hard!

  1. I love seeing you guys so busy !!! I was sort of afraid you guys wouldn’t have enough to keep you busy like you were up in Alaska with all your kids. Wow… I had NO idea there were so many trees in Up State NY, and of course where there are trees you have Loads of leaves. Poor Emily and Kelsey all that raking will grow arm muscles to beat the band. It’s good to see you have Something to climb Todd. Are there any other big mountains to climb around where you are? Hey why aren’t there any pictures of Penny…I know her Mom & Dad would love to see her too. Love all of you so much. Grandma & Grandpa Beaudin, Toby, Winston, Sandy, McKenzie, & BOOTS !

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  2. Todd, Penny, and girls,
    So glad to see an update. Lots of work to be done, wonderful to be able to blend enjoyment of surroundings at the same time. Blessings.
    Will continue to pray for all parts of your “jobs”. I know you all are giving 200%. Stay well, Deb & Tom Hebner. 1 Chronicles 29:11-13

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Todd and Penny,

    This was a great update! Thanks for sending it out. You guys are really hitting the ground running! I am amazed by all that you have been able to do in such a short time. Keeping that pace up sounds like a recipe for burnout but hopefully the house stuff won’t be an ongoing thing. Keep up the great work!!

    Way to serve a very important group of folks. Thanks, Brian

    Liked by 1 person

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