Home Port Happenings!

Alpha Beach

The sunsets on the Islands are beautiful!  God’s creation is very evident, but even though we live in a very beautiful place, sin is ugly here.  Our mission is to be light to a dark and hopless world in the military.  We find it such a priveledge to stand alongside our Chaplains and help them.  Pray for our military!  Pray for what seems to be a decreasing chaplain core.  Pray for the families here that have loved ones deployed.  Pray that our family will continue to be a blessing to our heroes who protect our freedoms!

I (Todd) am sorry its been a little too long between blog posts.  Its been productivly busy doing ministry for the Lord here.  Penny continues to grow in her areas of influence, helping lead a womans bible study down on Pearl Harbor, working with ladies doing sewing, watching children so moms can get a break.  The military community goes it alone oftentimes without the support of family or good friends who are back home.  As an article recently said, one third of all military families have no one to ask for help.

Friday nights continue to be the night we love on service members and encourage service members to invest in those who are lost and need the gospel.  A house and a home cooked meal is much less threatening than a trip to a church building.  Our hope is for the Home Port House to continue to be a tool to reach the lost.  Please pray that our service members have courage and priority to invest in others and build solid relationships.

Well, as always, here are a bunch of pictures that tell a better story of what we’ve been up to.  If you are planning to visit the islands for vacation or work, please drop in and see us!  We love company!

ATina Goodbye

Goodbyes are all to often.  Saying goodbye to a very dear Airman. Love ya Tina!

ATrunker Treat 0-

The Beaudin Girls handing out candy and helping our Chaplains with Trunker Treat!

ATrunker Treat 1

Pearl Harbor Trunker Treat!

ATrunker Treat 2

Pearl Harbor Trunker Treat!

ATrunker Treat 3

The Linder family who attends Home Port at the Pearl Harbor Trunker Treat!

Birthdays 0

Birthdays are a big deal!  Especially when you are away from home maybe for the first time and no one knows or cares.  At Home Port, you are family and will be remembered!

Birthdays 1

Penny has a special knack for making homemade desserts for each service member’s birthday.

Birthdays 2

Penny makes a mean homemade cheese cake wiith blueberry topping!

BThanksgiving 0

During the holidays many can’t get home, so we become home!

BThanksgiving 1

What a spread for Thanksgiving Dinner!!  Much to be thankful about!

BThanksgiving 2

Getting ready to eat!

BThanksgiving 3

A fun coloring table for the Keiki’s 

BThanksgiving 4

Eating on the Lanai 

BThanksgiving 5

Serving up!

BThanksgiving 6

Games after Dinner!

BThanksgiving 7

Enjoying their home away from home.  Instutions aren’t very relaxing places, especially during the Holidays!

Calvery Chapel

Some of you ask how we recharge Spiritually and it’s done in different ways.  One thing we enjoy doing as a family is walking down the hill to the Honolulu Calvery Chapel for evening service!  Great worship and expository preaching!

Carne Asada 0

Penny and Alex (Cheeto) Vazques making dinner!

Carne Asada 1

Carne Asada and Al Pastor anyone?

Christmas at Home Port 0

The ladies of Home Port came over and helped decorate for Christmas!

Christmas at Home Port 1

Holiday Cheer!

Christmas cve Breakfast 0

You know you are loved when, unannounced you have a bunch of single Marines and a Sailor come for Breakfast!

Christmas cve Breakfast 1

Family comes in all kinds of variants!

Christmas Dinner 1

Christmas Day Dinner!

Christmas Dinner 2

Yes!  It was Delicious! 

Christmas Dinner0

Serving up!

Christmas Movie

It’s the simple things that mean so much, like joining our family for a Christmas movie and enjoying the comforts of home. (see the sailor girl laying on the floor?)

Christmas Party 0

Christmas Party 1

Kelsey and Shannon getting all the tables set up for our Christmas Party!

Christmas Party 2

Ginger Bread House competitons!

Christmas Party 3

Getting Judged!

Christmas Party 4

This table was pretty confident!

Christmas Party 5

It’s too hot for ugly Christmas sweater so we have a ugly Christmas tee shirt contest instead!

Christmas Party 6

White Elephant Gift Exchange!

Christmas Party 7

Whose number is it anyway??

Christmas Stockings 1

Another tradition we’ve carried on at Home Port is to make sure our singles get something for Christmas.

Christmas Stockings 2

Tami got to go home for Christmas, but ended up traveling all day long Christmas Day to get back to Pearl Harbor.  So we surprised her at 2345 at night at the airport!

Christmas Stockings 3Christmas Stockings 4

Christmas Stockings

Home Port family hanging out in the living room!

Christmas Tree Decoration 0

Of course, decorating the tree is something many miss while being away from home.

Christmas Tree Decoration 1

Gotta have a decorated Palm Tree too!

Curran Reveal

Shane & Katie’s gender reveal!  A baby girl is coming soon!  Pray for them, Shane is currently deployed.

David Table 0

Teaching David how to make a coffee table out of Monkey Pod wood.

David Table 1

David Table 2

Pretty fancy!

December 7th remembered

Remembering their brothers, below them, entombed in the USS Arizona

Emily Date

A Dad/Daughter date to watch the big waves on the North Shore.  Pray for Emily, she has been having health issues and will be seeing a Cardiolgist soon.

Emily Engaged

I tell her that her heart problems have to do with the fact that she’s engaged to this Marine and he’s deployed.  The Beaudin family is looking forward to their wedding here in Hawaii on August 23rd.  (Yes, he is dad approved!)

Emily Kiss

Emily getting some love

Friday Night

A Friday night after Bible Study, enjoying dessert and fellowship!


One of our Marines, who is out, finished his College Degree!  Danielson’s family could not attend so we were there!


Hamburger anyone?  Lots of hungry mouths to feed very soon!

Kelsey Date

Dad/Daughter date with Kelsey!  She’s doing great and enjoying living in Hawaii as a teenager!

Kelsey Teaching Craft 0

Kelsey teaching a craft at Penny’s Bible Study she co-leads

Kelsey Teaching Craft 1

Lanikai Pilbox 1

Lanikai Pillbox Hike with the Home Port crew!

Lanikai Pillbox 0

Lanikai Pillbox 2

Shaka back at ya Cheeto!

Learing to Bake

So… Penny found out that Jordan REALLY likes pecan pie.  So, as the saying goes, give a man a pie and he eats once – teach a man how to make a pie and he eats Pecan pie whenever he wants! 

Marine Ball

Emily & Dale and some of the other Marines who come to Home Port at a Marine Ball!

New Years Movie 0

New Years eve is a huge temptation to get drunk with Waikiki so close.  We do a movie marathon every New Years Eve as a fun alternative.

New Years Movie 1

New Years Movie 2

New Years Eve Movie Marathon Junk Food Pot Luck!

PHCC Worship Team

Most of these people attend Home Port regularly.  This is the Pearl Harbor Chapel Worship Team!

Pink Pillbox 0

Pink Pillbox Hike out in Waianae

Pink Pillbox 1

Dale and Emily

Pink Pillbox 2

Those are some crazy roots!

Pink Pillbox 3

Dad, Emily, and Kelsey Beaudin!

Pink Pillbox 4

Pink Pillbox crew!

Pink Pillbox 5

A great place for watching sunsets!

Pink Pillbox 6Pink Pillbox 7Pink Pillbox 8


Ladies praying for each other after Bible Study on Friday Night


This picture has no filter.  This is the sunrise at our house one morning!  

Valentines 0

Valentines Day fell on a Friday Night this year so we celebrated together!

Valentines 1Valentines 2

Valentines 3

Isn’t she lovely!  Inside and out!

Wheeler Airfield 0

Up on Wheeler Airfield when helecopters come back in from flight they get a Copter Wash!

Wheeler Airfield 1

Just like a car wash!  A Copter Wash!

Wheeler Airfield 2

Got to wash off all that sea salt!


This last picture is an art piece Penny and I finished recently and resides in our living room.  It’s a reminder to us, our service members, and to you that if we REALLY care about lost people we must build a significant relationship with them in order to have the right to share the Gospel.  This is Biblical.  Join us as we love well and lead the lost to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ!

Thanks as always for your interest in what we do and for those of you who partnership and/or pray diligently with us every month with your financial gifts…. thank you.  Without you none of these pictures above would have happened.  You are so important to ministry happening here!

“How happy is anyone who has put his trust in the Lord!”  Psalm 40:4