Our Last Days Serving at Ft. Drum

Change of command

Our last days with our soldiers was bittersweet to say the least, we love them and you could tell it was reciprocal.

To our soldiers and families:

Our last Friday with you was filled with many tears, tears of sadness and tears of joy.  We will hold our memories of Ft. Drum  with you very close to our heart.  While we are excited for the next chapter of ministry in Oahu, Hi there won’t be a day we won’t think of our “kids” back at Ft. Drum.  I say “kids” because Penny was very adamant that while she wasn’t attached to  Watertown, NY or even the Hospitality House we poured so much time and effort into to make it a soldiers home, she and I are very attached to each of you who came to the house.  Penny joked about packing you all up and bringing you along with us to Hawaii…. and who couldn’t refuse such a deal?  We will miss your faces walking through the door on Friday as well as every other day of the week knowing you should never knock or ring the doorbell (that was code for rookie at the door) but just walk in because, well, it was your home…just don’t sell it.

As I write this, we are on our way across America to visit supporters, family, and raise up new partners in ministry so our support is at 100% anticipating ministry in Hawaii.  I’m typing on my MacBook, plugged into the truck power supply and my iPhone is my hotspot to the world.  This post was uploaded to the web on HWY 53 north of Duluth, MN while Penny drives along at 65 mph.  We truly live in a different world today don’t we?  And for that very reason I believe that we will continue to stay in touch, though if you decide to visit us in the middle of the Pacific Ocean we will be overjoyed!

As always, here are some pictures to tell our story from Christmas to present.  Our next post will be about our time on the road!

Christmas 1

Family pic at Christmas time!

Christmas 2

Penny being adorable…. as always

Christmas 3

What do you do when you cant get home for Christmas?  You sleepover at the Beaudin’s!  Lindsey helping make breakfast.

Christmas 4

Ugly Sweater/Gingerbread House/Christmas Party!

Christmas 5

Christmas 6

We LOVE opening our home to soldiers who are singing, “I’ll be home for Christmas… if only in my dreams.”

Christmas 7Christmas 8

Christmas 10

Next year will not be a white Christmas, unless you count white sand and white hibiscus flowers!

Youth 1

Still working with teenagers!  Ft. Drum youth group Christmas party.

Youth 2

Youth 3

A little love from my high schoolers in youth group as we leave!

Ball 1

We were honored as special guests at the 1-10 Batalion Formal Ball

Ball 2


The boots of soldiers are always our favorite guests at the House!

Change of command

Change of Command service for my friend Lt. Col. George A. Hodges of the 1st Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment

Cold NY

Staying “Frosty” in Upstate NY

Girls being silly

One of the special blessings of Hospitality House ministry with Cadence is being a little sister to solders!  Facial Mask Beauty treatments are downright scary!


Penny’s solders and daughters hanging around on a Friday Night!

guys praying

Yes, real men love Jesus!


Once in a while I recruit for Cadence and Michael was one of those students recruited!  He will be serving as an intern this Summer with Cadence.



Todd playing drums with the worship team for Chapel Next

Family 1

Kelsey’s Christmas gift was horse riding lessons.  She’s a bit horse crazy!

Family 2

Adorable Nori!  She continues to be a huge ministry partner on the field!  Soldiers miss their dogs and love playing with her.

Family 3


We are so blessed to have CH LTC James Foster and his lovely wife Angela taking care of Nori while we are on the road.  We will reconnect with her in 6 months and she will be a Hawaii Dog!

Family 4

The Beauty of Sisters

Sew 1

Penny teaching sewing to some of her ladies

Sew 2

House 1

The last project we accomplished was to finish the custom made trim for the windows so it would match the existing custom trim in the house.

House 2House 3House 5

House 6

Nehemiah helping Penny paint trim

House 7IMG_0276House 8House 9.1

House 9

Nic was a huge help to Todd with many things at the house!

House 10

Hutchins 1

Brian & Cathy Hutchins visiting and getting to know our soldiers.  They are the new Hospitality House Directors for Ft. Drum.

Hutchins 2

The Haas family will be moving to Ft. Drum as well to help with youth ministry!

Hutchins 3

Move 1

Saying goodbye to Chaplain Raja and family

Move 2

Kelsey consoling a teenager who must, again, move.  This time within a year.  Being a military kid is very difficult, please pray for military families.

Move 3

Saying goodbye to the Jacksons and Rodriguez’

Move 4

Saying goodbye to Vanessa

Image-1-1Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us!  We leave you with a picture out front of the Ft. Drum Hospitality House with us now saying goodbye to NY and Aloha to Hawaii in the future!

God is Good!    All the time!  All the time…. God is Good!