Quarantine Ministry in Hawaii

Much has changed in our world in 6 months and it has certainly changed the ministry of Home Port! Hawaii has become a very difficult place to live and work because of the excessive measures of quarantine and lockdown. We were slowly opening up in June but by August we were back to where much of America was in March and April. From March through May we could only do Zoom as any visitors or gathering were forbidden. In June and July we could meet in groups of 10 but no larger. Now we are back to where we were from March to April with a lot of hope that things will eventually change. Pray for us! We desperately want to meet face to face again and we continually look for any work around! Before Covid we would average between 20 to 50 service members on a Friday night for a home cooked meal and Bible Study. From March through May we changed and met via Zoom. When Hawaii opened to only 10 people we changed again and met as a group of 10 at Home Port and also a group of 10 at another Military family’s house as a Home Port extension with more homes coming on board so that we could all fellowship in person. We ate the same food and did the same Bible study via Zoom, Todd teaching from the Home Port living room. It was great! Then the State decided 10 people was too much and we went to 5 people. So we quickly changed once again and asked multiple family’s to open their homes on Friday night to serve the same food and same Bible study via Zoom as Todd would teach from Home Port. But that never happened as the state changed the ordinance back to no visitors and no groups. So we are back to just Zoom as of the writing of this Blog post.

No matter, life goes on and we continue to be present in peoples lives via phone, text, zoom and in emergencies we connect to help someone. We’ve monopolized on an empty house to update and paint! We are still working with our Chaplains to figure out how to serve them in this difficult time the best we can. Yet, the chapel we attended and served alongside the chaplains down on Pearl Harbor has remained shut since March. We know it’s not only us that Covid has affected but we still covet your prayers. On a positive note, God has kept us all healthy!

Well, as usual, I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!

We wish you all the best and miss you! Hang in there and keep smiling with us! God is Sovereign and in control of this crazy world! We really appreciate the time you take to catch up with us and what God continues to do with our Military. Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

With Love,

-The Beaudin’s