Our Story

Todd & Penny are currently house directors at Ellsworth Air Force Base for Military Casa, in the recent past they worked for Cadence International where they served in Oahu, HI, working will all 5 branches of the Military.  They also served at the Ft. Drum Hospitality House as directors in Upstate New York working with the 10th Mountain Division.

So, who is Military Casa?  They are a non profit Christian organization based in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  They work alongside Military Chaplains to disciple service members to reach the Military for Christ.  More about how this Ministry works can be found on the Military Casa website.

Todd: I grew up Catholic, but rarely attended mass.  At 15 years of age I visited a small non-denominational protestant Bible church with my best friend and learned that my sin was leading me to Hell.  I learned of God’s redemptive grace through His Son Jesus Christ, and His desire to have a personal relationship with me.  At an evening service, I responded to the Gospel message, truly remorseful for my sin. I repented and asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart.  Unfortunately, I did not spiritually grow and I reverted back to the practices of my old self, but felt miserable for my actions and could not understand why all of a sudden I cared about what God thought of my deeds. This dismal state of being continued until my senior year in high school, when God used my circumstances to turn my heart back to Him. I repented of my sinful living and surrendered my life completely to Him. I sought out an older man to disciple me and began devouring the Scriptures.  Not long after this I prayed that God would give direction to my life. I desired to serve Him and follow Him wherever He may lead. I felt a call to the ministry, and enrolled in Bible College shortly afterward to major in Biblical Studies and then on to Seminary. After graduation, God opened the door for me to serve as a Youth Pastor in one church for 20 years!  From there I have had the privilege to serve the Military through Cadence International and now Military Casa!

Penny: I became a believer on a wintery afternoon in 1975 when I was 5. My twin sister was with me as our mom explained why we needed Jesus in our hearts. As my mom talked with us, I felt a conviction in my heart. I knew that I was a sinner and needed forgiveness. I prayed with my mom and my sister that day and received the gift of grace that Jesus gave to us by His dying on the cross and resurrection 3 days later. I was baptized as a teenager and was active in my youth group and church. After high school I attended Bible College and graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies. When my husband finished seminary we moved to Alaska where he accepted a position as youth pastor. As a pastor’s wife I have served in the youth ministry mentoring girls and providing support to my husband. In 2014 I prayed for God to stretch me. I prayed this because the last couple of years I’ve felt restless in our place at Soldotna Bible Chapel and stagnant in how effective I’m being in the ministry. As soon as I prayed this I knew He would stretch me in ways that I would not necessarily be comfortable with; but in faith I trust Him. The Lord has called me to serve alongside my husband as a full time missionary to the military. I look forward to serving in many ways like cooking meals, discipling, providing Bible Study for our military women, and loving on them as a substitute mom.

Enjoy our blog!  It’s a linear record of how God has done tremendous things through us and our beloved active Military personnel.

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