Finding our Battle Rhythm



It is hard to believe we have been on the field almost 9 months!  A lot has happened in those months, a lot to us, a lot to the house, and a lot with our servicemen.

I think we are finally finding our battle rhythm.  The definition of battle rhythm is: “a deliberate daily cycle of command, staff, and unit activities intended to synchronize current and future operations.”  It’s getting into the daily rhythm of life and all that happens with your job.  Penny has had wonderful opportunities to connect with many ladies through PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) and has found friendship with Chaplain wives as well as mentorship opportunities with younger ladies.  Penny has been cooking up a storm ever since we got here.

I continue to work with the Chaplains, mentor guys, and counsel them.  It’s rewarding to see growth in their spiritual lives!  We have been studying the book of James verse by verse on Friday nights and see anywhere from 20 to 25 servicemen and their families out to the house.  We are also making progress getting the house known in the community with pastors, businessmen, and the such.  Many businesses have donated product or their time to the house.

Emily has found employment at Olive Garden as a hostess and seems to be enjoying it, she also is involved with PWOC and has made some good friendships with servicemen wives.  She also continues to help us out on Friday nights when all the guys come over for a home cooked meal and Bible Study.

Kelsey is making friends and feels more connected now.  She is almost done with homeschool for the year, which she is very excited about!  Kelsey has been a great help along with her sister watching little kids on Friday nights, cleaning the house and helping make food.

The renovation on the house continues to go well.  We are almost done painting the interior of the house, currently we are painting in the Kitchen area, there is still a lot of trim to paint white but we are making progress!  We’ve had many helpers over to paint, thank you to each of you!  The attic has been cleared of all the old insulation and the exterior walls and attic are being insulated this week.  In two weeks our work crew from Alaska arrives!  They will install all new Anderson windows into the house!  Anderson windows and White’s lumber really stepped up to the plate with a 40% discount!  That’s huge!  The guys at R-Factor Spray Foam gave a deeply discounted price on the insulation work and Bernel Kempney with Kempney Electric donated a full day of labor to help with recess lighting wiring in the attic as well as various other electrical issues in the house!  The funding for the renovation has steadily come in, it has been wonderful to see God provide for His ministry here at Ft. Drum though you!  Thank you for your prayers and gifts!  We still need new doors and the furnace duct work needs to be addressed before winter and then we will enter the final stage of renovation.  If you would like to learn more please click HERE.

We are finding rest in the process of all of this.  Penny has gotten better at saying “I’m not doing anything on the house tomorrow, I’m going to quilt.”  I’m finding time to snooze on the couch when needed.  Life is still pretty hectic and we look forward with anticipation to the day when we can simply “live and do ministry” in the house and not have to “work on the house.”  Penny and I did get a chance to slip away for a week in April to go to the T4G conference.  We met up with some of our church family from Soldotna Bible Chapel and had a blast hearing excellent preaching, singing great hymns of the faith, and enjoying the fellowship of friends!

We want to leave you with some more pictures of what we’ve been up to!


Solders coming home from deployment


Night at the Cross

Night at the Cross Good Friday Service!


Easter Dinner, we had 45+ at the House!  30lbs of ham!

Dog Sitting

We watch our servicemen’s dogs when needed

Moving Tim

Helping one of our guys move from Ft. Drum to Connecticut

Christina painting

Christina painting up a storm!

Version 2

Penny & Amanda



Someone has to do the yucky jobs!

Inulation size

Antique insulation

Insulation size 2

This is what was in the walls of this house and in the attic as well, any guess on R-Value? 🙂

Insulation Removal

Old insulation bagged up and ready for the dump




These guys are installing dense pack cellulose in the walls and spray foam in the attic


Making swiss cheese of the house

Insulation 2

Making swiss cheese of the house


Bernel Kempney with Kempney Electric donating his time to our servicemen


Together 4 the Gospel Conference in Louisville, KY


T4G Conference with Church family from Alaska!


Kelsey helping and resting!


Getting a hug!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with what we are doing!  Blessings to you all!

“Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders which You have done, And Your thoughts toward us; There is none to compare with You. If I would declare and speak of them, They would be too numerous to count.”    -Psalm 40:5

…it’s the little things

I posted this on Facebook a little while back but some of you do not use Facebook so I thought I’d share this with you too.

Let me tell you a story that is probably all too common about Military families. We have some friends here at the Cadence Hospitality House who are both active in the Army named Logan and Athena. Logan is currently deployed down range and Athena is working here at Ft. Drum. Athena asked us the other day if we would watch her two darling dogs Tilly & Runt while she worked away for a couple weeks, which we are very glad to do.  She is around five months pregnant with their firstborn, and she is an Apache helicopter pilot.

Trying to be romantic from thousands of miles away can be difficult when you are deployed, but her husband faithfully sent flowers for Valentine’s Day.   Unfortunately, because of her work in the Army she didn’t get them and didn’t get to enjoy her husbands thoughtfulness.  Instead, we enjoyed her flowers, their dogs, and the sacrifice they give for this Nation.  Just a day in the life of an Army family.  I’m thankful to be able to serve such honorable people, and if you are our prayer and support warriors you too are a part of this story, thank you.

When Athena returned to Ft. Drum we made sure she got fresh flowers.  The picture at the bottom is after tears of joy.

(Shared with their permission)





“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”  Ephesians 5:25

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! It’s off to work we go!

Penny & Kelsey


Sorry it’s been a while since you’ve heard from the Beaudin family, I assure you we have not been hibernating!   We’ve been boots on the ground for 5 months now, though it feels like a lifetime in some ways.  Relationships with our servicemen and women have continued to grow deeper, both Penny and I meet with our vets regularly for discipleship/mentorship, counseling, and prayer.  We have been so blessed by our Father in Heaven, He has provided in fabulous ways that are overwhelming, we hope to share some of that with you!

The girls have been doing good.  Kelsey continues to get to know girls her age and seems to be making some good relationships.  Continue to pray that those relationships grow and blossom.  Emily continues to be a great hand around the house, she keeps busy with us renovating and painting.  She babysits kids weekly, is involved with PWOC (protestant women of chapel) on Post along with Penny, and participates in leading PWOC and Sunday morning Chapel worship.  Emily has made friends with many of our vets and she has connected with one vet’s wife who is close to her age.  For all of this we are thankful.  Pray that she gets called soon for a job interview at one of our local restaurants!

We’ve had some great opportunities to come alongside our Chaplains and do ministry with them on Post sharing the gospel with our men and women.  Here at the HHouse we completed a series on Evangelism and are now studying the book of James.  It’s so refreshing to see our vets excited to learn, talking during the week about the studies, participating in discussion, and applying the truth of the Word!

When we are not meeting with our Heroes during the week you can find us at the HHouse painting up a storm!  There is much painting still to be done but we have had many friends from Post over to help, we are so thankful for each of you!  The house needs insulation in the walls and attic and our doors and windows need replaced.  The utility bill last year for February was $950 dollars.  Most people I’ve talked to here in Watertown figure our bill should be less than half that for this size house.  Many walls have little to nothing for insulation and the attic needs extensive work.  There is a work crew coming from Alaska this May so we want to let you know about that in case you would like to come help out. We also want you to know where we are at financially and what is still needed to address these issues on our Lord’s house here at Ft. Drum.

We’ve asked the leadership at Cadence International if they have the means to help and they have pulled together an amazing $20,000 gift!  We still have bids coming in for supplies, doors & windows, and services like spray foaming the inside of the exterior walls but I estimate our needs to be around $40,000.  We are sitting at $25,000 today.  If you can’t come help but would love to make a contribution to keep us and our servicemen toasty warm during the winter months we would be thankful!  As I write this, Watertown was the coldest place in the contiguous 48 states today at -38 degrees.

Donate to the North Country Hospitality House Renovation by Clicking Here!

Pray for our “Joe’s” some of them are coming home from deployment but others are heading down range soon.  Pray for safety and pray for their loved ones back here on Post.  These families sacrifice so much for this country, we see it all time.

“Do not worry then saying, What will we eat? or What will we drink? or What will we wear for clothing?  For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.…  Matthew 6:31-33

We want to leave you with some pictures so you can also see what we’ve been up to!  Enjoy!



Covering walls to texture the upstairs ceilings


Covering walls to texture the upstairs ceilings


Walls prepared for primer


Walls prepared for primer


Walls prepared for primer


Penny & Matt


Painting Supplies


Rolling Primer


Heat loss and ice sickles


Heat loss and ice sickles


Gaps in windows


Old and worn windows

IMG_1506 (1)

Thermal Image showing heat loss

IMG_1505 (1)

Thermal Image showing heat loss


Christina working hard!


Athena cleaning up ceiling texture


Emily and Craig working hard!


Emily painting away


Penny and Kelsey taking a break


Carpet going in!


Still more detail work to be done, go Emily go!


Replacement of top stair tread


New top stair tread. Stairs will get sanded down and painted later














We were camping in the basement for a little while


Happy campers to finally get to move their beds and furniture into their rooms!


Happy campers to finally get to move their beds and furniture into their rooms!


Emily cleaning blinds


Attending Michaels basketball game. He’s the son of one of our deployed Chaplains


…Every Friday Night we serve 20+ servicemen and have Bible Study


Studying for our Bible Study in James


One of our soldiers leaving us. This happens way too often 😦


New life and Baptisms happen all time at Ft. Drum!


Lake effect snow!

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us, we hope this helps you pray for us and them!

With love,

– The Beaudin’s

Operation Paint the Walls & Cover Floors!

Support the renovation project at the Ft. Drum Hospitality House.

Hello everyone! We are in the process of fixing and sprucing up our heroes, the 10th Mountain Division’s hospitality house. The hospitality house has good bones but needs some renovation (more insulation, thermal windows & doors, new flooring, wall paper removal, texture and paint, and new furnishings). These will be one time donations that will keep a vitally needed ministry home at Ft. Drum open and in good order for our servicemen. We are the only hospitality ministry, I’m aware of, to this very large Army post and we are busy everyday of the week.

Our first campaign will address wall paper removal (the house is 90% wallpapered) and apply a fresh coat of new paint throughout the whole house and new carpet upstairs. We hope to complete this project within two months. Our bedrooms are upstairs and we are still living out of our suitcases. We would like to renovate now so I don’t have to tell the girls they need to move entirely out of their rooms so the walls and carpet can be done.

The first floor will get all new paint. There is a combination of hardwood, laminate, linoleum, and carpet on this floor. It is a very high traffic area, people come and go through both the front and back doors, the kitchen, dining area, and living room are on this floor. We would like to replace the flooring with a solid hardwood that can be refinished for years to come. The first floor flooring and new furniture will be our second campaign, so please pray about it’s completion as well! Our third campaign will consist of fixing drafty windows, doors, and install adequate insulation where needed, which should be done during warmer weather, so prayerfully we are hoping this summer.

We’ve been told we are crazy to take on such big tasks immediately after the completion of our personal support raising to get to the mission field. I like to think of it as faith.

If you love our military and would like to say thank you to them for protecting our freedoms, here’s an opportunity.  Ft. Drum deploys more than any other military installation, so these are your servicemen who are on the front lines the most. This ministry is vital. I keep hearing soldiers tell me that the house ministry has literally saved their lives. We are honored to provide a solace for them as we share our lives and the Gospel with the military.

If donations exceed our needs for the first campaign they will be rolled over to the second and third campaign. Thank you for those of you who have pledged and given to this worthy cause.

Click Here to see where we are today!


The first campaign will cost $12,000 dollars. If you would like to help us please click here: Donate!

Paint house pic

Running Hard!

Wow!  looking back over the last month and a half has proven a whirlwind of activity for the Beaudins!  Since taking over the directorship of the Ft. Drum Hospitality House we have been non-stop moving!  Our weekly schedule is filled with meals, Bible study, mentorship, counseling, meetings with Chaplains, and lots of drop in visits from our heroes – sometimes they stay overnight on a couch.  Penny and I are meeting with ladies and guys on a regular basis and I am currently teaching on Evangelism and just started a men’s study on Biblical manhood.  We’ve been seeing on average 20+ soldiers and on Friday nights and it’s beginning to grow with a diversity of singles, young marrieds, older marrieds as well as children.

Penny has unpacked her kitchen but that’s about as far as we’ve gotten!  When we are not ministering to servicemen we are working on the Hospitality House as there’s lots of maintenance and projects to accomplish!  Fall has found us outside raking an immense amount of leaves and preparing the property for winter.  Also, this old house is due for some renovation.  It has good bones but needs some fresh paint, flooring, and furniture.  The walls are 90% wallpapered and much of it has been up for two decades which must be professionally removed, textured, and prepared for paint.  We plan to paint the whole interior of the house to give it a fresh feel once the walls are ready.  New carpet in the bedrooms needs to happen as well.  You can learn more by clicking this link: Support our Work and donate to this worthy project.

The way we see it, these guys deserve the very best we can give them.  The sacrifice they and their families make for our freedoms is bigger than you will ever know.  Almost everyone here is detached from their family in some way.  We have married men who are here without their families, married women and children without their deployed husbands/dads.  Young singles, for some it’s their first time away from home, who don’t have much going on after work and desire to be somewhere – anywhere but the barracks.  The hospitality house provides a vital need to so many and we desire to give them the very best we possibly can.

I’ll leave you with pictures to give you insight into our life and work with the 10th Mountain Division – “Climb to Glory!”

Bible study

Bible Study after dinner on Friday Night. Todd is teaching on Evangelism.


Emily & Kelsey out on a bike ride!

deploy 1

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 2

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 3

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 4

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 5

Pray for our deployed from the house!

deploy 6

Pray for our deployed from the house!


Pray for our deployed from the house!

Emily cooking

Emily cooking breakfast for dinner on Friday Night!

Emily singing

Emily helping in Chapel Service!


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement


Painting the Basement

Kelsey Canoeing

Kelsey and Dad enjoying the Black River in our backyard!


Mountain Biking with Keven!


Leaves everywhere!

Version 2

B.Y.O.M. (bring your own meat) Guys Night and start of Biblical Manhood series!

Penny & Kelsey

More leaves!

rock 1

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soldiers!

rock 2

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soldiers!

rock 3

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soliders!

rock 4

Fall colors out rock climbing with our soldiers!

Keep praying for us, we so need it.  It’s a privilege to do this ministry with you!  Thank you for your support!



Tim Bettger praying over and passing the mantle of leadership for the North Country Hospitality House to Todd Beaudin.

It’s been an emotional week at the hospitality house to say the least.  Tim & Bobbi Bettger transitioning out, while we transition in.  Tim & Bobbi saying goodbye to all the servicemen they have ministered to all these years, and those servicemen seeing a new family arrive.  Our friends in Alaska missing us and we are missing them.  I’ve had a wet shoulder more than a few times this week as our girls and Penny work through the loss of friends and home.  You know, the average stuff that goes with a big transition in life…

…and yet, the peace of God has been present the whole time.

We’ve had several firsts this week also:  First time leading a hospitality house, first meal cooked for a bunch of hungry combat soldiers, first time to have an adorable dog (“Buddy”) in our home, first time Emily & Kelsey have EVER moved, first time for our family to have passes to get on an active military post, first time to attend church on an active military post as well as youth group for Kelsey.  The ‘firsts’ continue to ‘roll in.’

I was moved to tears this morning as we attended chapel with around 300 servicemen and their families at Ft. Drum.  A prayer request of mine was answered as worship music and the preaching were excellent.  We will miss Soldotna Bible Chapel, but God has provided a wonderful alternative!

Jesus is alive and well at Ft. Drum.  Everywhere we look we see new growth and people just wholeheartedly seeking God, not religion or a denomination, but a true relationship with God.  There were 6 baptisms this morning in Chapel.  6 new believers from this last week made a public proclamation of their faith through baptism!  Praise God!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from our week and ask that you continue to pray for transitions for everyone.  Pray for our girls to find meaningful relationships in the weeks ahead and for their parents to overcome their nervousness and insecurities as they step up and lead in a new way for our Lord and Savior.  Thank you for praying, please don’t stop!


Dinner is served! Penny’s first meal – stew and soda biscuits and a couple of wives brought salad, apple pie and monkey bread!


Praying over Tim & Bobbi as they PCS out.


A surprise wedding party and activites for newlywed couple Clinton & Alice.


Baptisms at Chapel


Worship in singing.


Passionate expository preaching from Chaplain Crosby. Jesus is being championed at Ft. Drum!




Kelsey Beaudin’s first Youth Group at Ft. Drum! 4 of these kids accepted Christ last week!


Babysitting ‘Buddy’ a very well mannered awesome dog who has a reputation for shredding just stuffed animals.


Deputation has been NO BUENO for Todd’s health! He started running again and will get back to lifting weights soon.



We made it!  We are staying our first night at the North Country Hospitality House at Ft. Drum!  Our furniture will arrive in around 3 weeks and for this week we will spend it with Tim & Bobbi Bettger as they bring us up to speed on the inner workings of the house.  We are a little nervous and much excited!  Pray we remember everything as they leave after this week!!


24 hours without sleep waiting for our next flight into upstate New York!


We did it Team!  As our last newsletter referred to, we moved an impossible Rock out of the hole!  Praise God, we are humbled and overwhelmed, He is SO Good!  Cadence has looked our numbers over and, with the exception of a few of you who still need to sign up your pledge online here we are 100% supported!!

If you’ve followed our story from the beginning you know that we started with dreams and visions of being Missionaries serving the Lord and the military through Cadence International.  This meant raising a substantial amount of money to provide not only our families needs, but also the needs of the ministry.  Its like raising finances to support yourself and your business.

Cadence asked us once we accepted the job how long we expected to be in the partnership development phase.  We felt our Lord wanted us on the field in a year – so that’s what we told them.  This is no easy task, but with the Lords help bringing all of you together to support what He is doing with the Military we are there!  Our support is raised and it’s been a year.  We believed that if the Lord wanted us there in a year He would provide.

The Beaudin family is now in full court press getting our house packed and ready for renters!  We have a couple things to complete for Cadence and then they will officially release us to the field.  I will post that document when it comes!

Here are our current Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the 10th Mountain Division as they are deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea.  Pray for their loved ones back at Ft. Drum.
  • Pray for us to get everything done.  I still have some yard and house projects that need completion.
  • Pray for awesome renters who will take good care of our home.
  • Pray for our family as these times can be stressful.
  • Pray our vehicles sell and pray we can afford something reliable once we get to upstate New York.
  • Pray for everyone affected by our move and for the teenagers and adults at Soldotna Bible Chapel.  Goodbyes are brutal after 20 years with people you love.
  • Pray for awesome transition for the new youth pastor as well as us with Cadence.

 “Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.”

Matthew 6:31-32

97% and what that means!

We are overwhelmed to be at 97% with only 3% to go!  You can see how many partners we still need to be fully supported at 100% HERE.  Cadence has told us we can schedule our moving container and book our tickets.  In mid-September we will load up a moving container and on September 20th we will catch a flight out to Ft. Drum in upstate New York.  Our time is coming to a close in Alaska for now.  It’s bittersweet but our Heavenly Father has wonderful plans for us.  We anxiously await being the hands and feet of Jesus at Ft. Drum!  Rejoice with us!!

In June when we visited the Cadence House at Ft. Drum we became friends with Chaplain Dan and his wife Cheryl.  They actively use the Cadence ministry to reach men and women for Christ and would like to share an important message with you:

“Understand, therefore, that the LORD your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.”  Deut. 7:9