Spring and Soldiers at Ft. Drum!

Todd & Penny Apache

“I’m so glad this ministry and you guys are here.  I would be lost without it and not living for the Lord nor being a testimony to my fellow soldiers here at Ft. Drum.”   –  from one of our soldiers

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on the happenings around the Hospitality House.  Trust me, it’s not because we’ve been sitting on our hands!  We appreciate your ongoing prayers and support even when things get a little silent!

We’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up so we can continue working on the renovation of the Hospitality House.  The garage is still full of some of our boxes and it’s not heated so running equipment is hard outside in the snow.  Our plan is to complete the finish carpentry inside the house this summer.  We are waiting on a quote from a local business and we are praying they will deeply discount the supplies for our HVAC fix.  We are hoping to install central AC into the house as the summers get up to 100 degrees with 100% humidity and the house gets unbearable.  Cooking for a Friday night gets intense and I have to be on my “A” game to hold their attention sitting in the heat and humidity for Bible Study!  The main flooring of the house still needs replaced as well.  We can see the end of this epic renovation coming to a close soon pending on the cash to complete it.  Pray with us about that would you?

Penny and I have continued to be busy on Fridays preparing dinner and teaching through the Gospel of John.  We continue to do personal bible studies, counseling, and serve our soldiers, wives and children however we can.  We count it such a privilege to be here with them, to walk alongside them in their often very difficult situations.  We can both say that our work is truly a labor of love!  Penny has been very involved with PWOC the on-post weekly women’s Bible Study with over a 100 ladies and spending relational time with ladies sewing.  Emily and Kelsey continue to work with the children on Friday nights and help get the house ready.  We are so blessed to have their help and they have been doing a great job with upwards of 10 children.  Emily also sings with the Chapel Next worship team on Post occasionally, and we have been attending two services at Ft. Drum every Sunday.  The Traditional Service which attracts quite a few single soldiers and Chapel Next, which is more contemporary.  Both have been great avenues to build relationships with soldiers and their families and many attend the House on Friday nights.

Penny and I recently attended our annual east coast conference with Cadence in Asheville, NC.  We were refreshed and challenged by our leadership!   Once we got back we shared with our military family here at the H.House our vision together for ministry.  We reminded them that the verse (see below) they walk past as they come into the house is a reminder for us all.  It is our pleasure to pour into their lives but it also reminds them of their need to pour into the lives of the “Joe’s” they work with everyday.  Utilizing the H.House as a tool to minister to them as a safe place they can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Living and sharing the Gospel in a military environment is tremendously challenging but we have full confidence they can do it.  These men and women are the 1% of our population that answer the call to serve and stand in harms way to protect us and our freedom.  They are the ideal people to task with the Great Commission sharing the gospel wherever the Lord, through our military, sends them around the world!  Pray for them, will you!


Trey and Jessica

We were invited to attend Trey’s promotion to First Sergeant

Trey Promotion 2

Jessica, pinning on his rank as their girls watch

Trey Promotion

St. Patricks Day at the House!

St. Patricks Day Party at the House!  Green Eggs & Ham!

Russ leaving the house

Russ, being prayed over as he leaves the military and the House

Penny & Kalen

Penny, using her talents and interests to minister to soldiers wives

Penny & Christina Crafting


Playing paintball with our House soldiers!

Paintball 2

MWS Concert

We were blessed with donated VIP tickets to a Michael W Smith concert!

MWS Concert 2

…and we were blessed with the special honor of a “meet and greet” with Michael W Smith and Jim Daneker!  Both these guys have a special place in their heart for our Military.

Nori with Ball

Nori continues to be a blessing to the ministry!  She loves little children and is very patient!

HHouse Door Spring

Welcome to the Hospitality House!  It’s finally Spring!

Kelsey Vacuuming

Kelsey vacuuming and getting the house ready for Friday night!  She is a blessing!

Emily and the Kids

Emily working with some of the children we have with us on Friday nights at the House!

Emily Singing

Emily helping with the worship service at Chapel Next

Keven Deploying

Praying for Keven as he deploys for 9 months and for time to go by quickly for his wife Raissa!  Pray that Keven will be a missionary on his deployment and share Christ through his actions and words!

The Cross Wall

The Cross Wall and our celebration of Easter with our soldiers!

Easter Dinner 4

Easter dinner with around 30 hungry brothers and sisters!

Easter Dinner 3Easter Dinner 2Easter Dinner

David working on his uniform

David, working on his Class A’s at the House

Group Study

Bible Study down in the basement


Chris being promoted to Captain


Cadence Conference

All the East Coast Cadence Missionaries!

Cadence Conference with Mark

Mark Wilson and I mountain biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains while at Conference

Cadence Conference 3

I found this pond so refreshing!  Spent some quality time with the Lord reading the Word and praying.

Apache with Family & Chris

Chris invited us to Family Day at the range!

Todd & Penny Apache

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with what is going on here at Ft. Drum!  We ask that you specifically pray for the Gospel to be advanced through our soldiers!  Pray that God will use the Beaudin family daily in their lives to love them and instruct them as we work together to reach the lost for Christ!

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