…it’s the little things

I posted this on Facebook a little while back but some of you do not use Facebook so I thought I’d share this with you too.

Let me tell you a story that is probably all too common about Military families. We have some friends here at the Cadence Hospitality House who are both active in the Army named Logan and Athena. Logan is currently deployed down range and Athena is working here at Ft. Drum. Athena asked us the other day if we would watch her two darling dogs Tilly & Runt while she worked away for a couple weeks, which we are very glad to do.  She is around five months pregnant with their firstborn, and she is an Apache helicopter pilot.

Trying to be romantic from thousands of miles away can be difficult when you are deployed, but her husband faithfully sent flowers for Valentine’s Day.   Unfortunately, because of her work in the Army she didn’t get them and didn’t get to enjoy her husbands thoughtfulness.  Instead, we enjoyed her flowers, their dogs, and the sacrifice they give for this Nation.  Just a day in the life of an Army family.  I’m thankful to be able to serve such honorable people, and if you are our prayer and support warriors you too are a part of this story, thank you.

When Athena returned to Ft. Drum we made sure she got fresh flowers.  The picture at the bottom is after tears of joy.

(Shared with their permission)





“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”  Ephesians 5:25

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