Taking Advantage of COVID!

Hello our faithful supporters and those of you who faithfully pray for us and the ministry to the Military on Oahu! Our friend Derek Black came down from Alaska to film and give you a glimpse of ministry as of recent. We’ve been busy busy busy with our service members as we’ve learned to adapt and take advantage of Covid. Please pray we open up completely here in Hawaii. We are still limited to 10 people indoors here in Hawaii but as you will see in the video below we’ve adapted and it’s been very fruitful! Enjoy!

Quarantine Ministry in Hawaii

Much has changed in our world in 6 months and it has certainly changed the ministry of Home Port! Hawaii has become a very difficult place to live and work because of the excessive measures of quarantine and lockdown. We were slowly opening up in June but by August we were back to where much of America was in March and April. From March through May we could only do Zoom as any visitors or gathering were forbidden. In June and July we could meet in groups of 10 but no larger. Now we are back to where we were from March to April with a lot of hope that things will eventually change. Pray for us! We desperately want to meet face to face again and we continually look for any work around! Before Covid we would average between 20 to 50 service members on a Friday night for a home cooked meal and Bible Study. From March through May we changed and met via Zoom. When Hawaii opened to only 10 people we changed again and met as a group of 10 at Home Port and also a group of 10 at another Military family’s house as a Home Port extension with more homes coming on board so that we could all fellowship in person. We ate the same food and did the same Bible study via Zoom, Todd teaching from the Home Port living room. It was great! Then the State decided 10 people was too much and we went to 5 people. So we quickly changed once again and asked multiple family’s to open their homes on Friday night to serve the same food and same Bible study via Zoom as Todd would teach from Home Port. But that never happened as the state changed the ordinance back to no visitors and no groups. So we are back to just Zoom as of the writing of this Blog post.

No matter, life goes on and we continue to be present in peoples lives via phone, text, zoom and in emergencies we connect to help someone. We’ve monopolized on an empty house to update and paint! We are still working with our Chaplains to figure out how to serve them in this difficult time the best we can. Yet, the chapel we attended and served alongside the chaplains down on Pearl Harbor has remained shut since March. We know it’s not only us that Covid has affected but we still covet your prayers. On a positive note, God has kept us all healthy!

Well, as usual, I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!

We wish you all the best and miss you! Hang in there and keep smiling with us! God is Sovereign and in control of this crazy world! We really appreciate the time you take to catch up with us and what God continues to do with our Military. Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

With Love,

-The Beaudin’s

COVID – 19 Through a Dog’s Eyes


Have you ever wondered what goes through a dog’s mind?  I have.  Nori doesn’t seem too phased or concerned by this pandemic that has caused major unrest around the world.  She bides her time daily laying in the sun… it’s a dog’s life!  She knows she will be fed and loved and she doesn’t worry about her day.  She lives it one moment at at time.  Oh! To live a dog’s life!  And yet, I’ve been reminded of some great truths watching her.

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  – Matthew 6: 25-34

We know life has been complex for many of you and some have lost loved ones, we are deeply sorry and in prayer with and for you.  As I found myself worrying about what might become of our future and ministry here back in March, God reminded me it’s not for me to worry about.  Much like Nori, my obedience is to trust Him more than I trust myself.  Easier said than done some days but I am resolved to live my days the way my pooch does.  Trusting my master that He will take care of the heavy lifting in life.

We have been on lock down since mid-March and only time will tell how we open back up.  As for now, we are not able to have service members over for a home cooked meal and Bible study yet, but we are praying this changes soon!  Will you pray with us!

Pictures always tell better stories than words so here is our contribution for this blog post.

Band of Brothers

Our mens group Band of Brothers went virtual much like many things!  One bonus has been including our Marines who are currently deployed to Okinawa Japan to our meetings!  These meetings have been super encouraging to both Todd and Service member!

Band of Sisters

Penny continues to Co-lead her women’s bible study associated with Pearl Harbor Chapel!

HP 1

Every Friday since Mid March we’ve been virtually meeting with our Home Port Ohana!  We so miss a full house, hugs, and fellowship but we are thankful for technology!  We pray out loud for each others prayer requests & praises, study the Word of God, and fellowship afterwards until the last person signs off!

HP 2

Todd has been doing online leadership training and has been meeting with one of our Chaplains weekly to train and encourage him on the same content.


Penny and Todd have been exercising daily to keep the COVID – 19 (pounds) off!  We never tire of the beauty of Hawaii!


Just before quarantine Todd had the privilege of helping one of our Sailors find and buy her first car!


Normally Homeport Ohana prays for our service members who PCS or ETS off the island, but we had to ask an Alaskan family visiting us as quarantine begun to help us send off Ben.


We pray God’s blessing on your life Ben, as you step into the next part of your life.  Thank you for serving all of us Sailor!


Todd & Penny continued to lead hikes to get service members out of the barracks and into the sunshine to lift their spirits before everyone was told to shelter in place.  Many service members have struggled with depression and there have been suicides and deaths from drinking because of the lock down.



Our first pineapple!


The sky was literally this color one evening as Todd & Penny took a walk!


Sunday worship has been different for us too.  We watch Pearl Harbor Chapel services online as well as our home church in Soldotna!


We have taken on several projects around Home Port to fix and improve the property while sheltering in place!


Penny making new valances



Emily still doesn’t have answers to her medical questions.  The cardiologist visit did not find anything concerning – I guess that in itself is good news.


Walking on the beach for exercise!



Penny finished a baby quilt for little Annabel!  She is in the world now and snuggling in her blanket!  These two new parents are doing well!  Both have served in the Army and are a blessing to Home Port!


Our neighbors have shared some Bird of Paradise plants with us!  We are trying our best to see them grow!


It’s always bittersweet to see service members go.  We loved your presence in our lives Guhn!  May the Lord bless you in your future in business!



Penny proudly sitting next to her lily pond


As Hawaii slowly opens back up we are able to meet in small groups and have continued our hikes.  These service members haven’t seen us or each other in two months.  It was a HUGE shot of encouragement to fellowship together.


Matthew sharing a devotion with us


Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us as we continue to serve the military the best we can.  We so appreciate your partnership in financial support and prayer.  It’s awesome knowing we have all of you behind us supporting and encouraging us to reach our military with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Continue to pray for our brave warriors as they serve us in these difficult times!

Remember!  Live life like Nori and trust your Master!


Home Port Happenings!

Alpha Beach

The sunsets on the Islands are beautiful!  God’s creation is very evident, but even though we live in a very beautiful place, sin is ugly here.  Our mission is to be light to a dark and hopless world in the military.  We find it such a priveledge to stand alongside our Chaplains and help them.  Pray for our military!  Pray for what seems to be a decreasing chaplain core.  Pray for the families here that have loved ones deployed.  Pray that our family will continue to be a blessing to our heroes who protect our freedoms!

I (Todd) am sorry its been a little too long between blog posts.  Its been productivly busy doing ministry for the Lord here.  Penny continues to grow in her areas of influence, helping lead a womans bible study down on Pearl Harbor, working with ladies doing sewing, watching children so moms can get a break.  The military community goes it alone oftentimes without the support of family or good friends who are back home.  As an article recently said, one third of all military families have no one to ask for help.

Friday nights continue to be the night we love on service members and encourage service members to invest in those who are lost and need the gospel.  A house and a home cooked meal is much less threatening than a trip to a church building.  Our hope is for the Home Port House to continue to be a tool to reach the lost.  Please pray that our service members have courage and priority to invest in others and build solid relationships.

Well, as always, here are a bunch of pictures that tell a better story of what we’ve been up to.  If you are planning to visit the islands for vacation or work, please drop in and see us!  We love company!

ATina Goodbye

Goodbyes are all to often.  Saying goodbye to a very dear Airman. Love ya Tina!

ATrunker Treat 0-

The Beaudin Girls handing out candy and helping our Chaplains with Trunker Treat!

ATrunker Treat 1

Pearl Harbor Trunker Treat!

ATrunker Treat 2

Pearl Harbor Trunker Treat!

ATrunker Treat 3

The Linder family who attends Home Port at the Pearl Harbor Trunker Treat!

Birthdays 0

Birthdays are a big deal!  Especially when you are away from home maybe for the first time and no one knows or cares.  At Home Port, you are family and will be remembered!

Birthdays 1

Penny has a special knack for making homemade desserts for each service member’s birthday.

Birthdays 2

Penny makes a mean homemade cheese cake wiith blueberry topping!

BThanksgiving 0

During the holidays many can’t get home, so we become home!

BThanksgiving 1

What a spread for Thanksgiving Dinner!!  Much to be thankful about!

BThanksgiving 2

Getting ready to eat!

BThanksgiving 3

A fun coloring table for the Keiki’s 

BThanksgiving 4

Eating on the Lanai 

BThanksgiving 5

Serving up!

BThanksgiving 6

Games after Dinner!

BThanksgiving 7

Enjoying their home away from home.  Instutions aren’t very relaxing places, especially during the Holidays!

Calvery Chapel

Some of you ask how we recharge Spiritually and it’s done in different ways.  One thing we enjoy doing as a family is walking down the hill to the Honolulu Calvery Chapel for evening service!  Great worship and expository preaching!

Carne Asada 0

Penny and Alex (Cheeto) Vazques making dinner!

Carne Asada 1

Carne Asada and Al Pastor anyone?

Christmas at Home Port 0

The ladies of Home Port came over and helped decorate for Christmas!

Christmas at Home Port 1

Holiday Cheer!

Christmas cve Breakfast 0

You know you are loved when, unannounced you have a bunch of single Marines and a Sailor come for Breakfast!

Christmas cve Breakfast 1

Family comes in all kinds of variants!

Christmas Dinner 1

Christmas Day Dinner!

Christmas Dinner 2

Yes!  It was Delicious! 

Christmas Dinner0

Serving up!

Christmas Movie

It’s the simple things that mean so much, like joining our family for a Christmas movie and enjoying the comforts of home. (see the sailor girl laying on the floor?)

Christmas Party 0

Christmas Party 1

Kelsey and Shannon getting all the tables set up for our Christmas Party!

Christmas Party 2

Ginger Bread House competitons!

Christmas Party 3

Getting Judged!

Christmas Party 4

This table was pretty confident!

Christmas Party 5

It’s too hot for ugly Christmas sweater so we have a ugly Christmas tee shirt contest instead!

Christmas Party 6

White Elephant Gift Exchange!

Christmas Party 7

Whose number is it anyway??

Christmas Stockings 1

Another tradition we’ve carried on at Home Port is to make sure our singles get something for Christmas.

Christmas Stockings 2

Tami got to go home for Christmas, but ended up traveling all day long Christmas Day to get back to Pearl Harbor.  So we surprised her at 2345 at night at the airport!

Christmas Stockings 3Christmas Stockings 4

Christmas Stockings

Home Port family hanging out in the living room!

Christmas Tree Decoration 0

Of course, decorating the tree is something many miss while being away from home.

Christmas Tree Decoration 1

Gotta have a decorated Palm Tree too!

Curran Reveal

Shane & Katie’s gender reveal!  A baby girl is coming soon!  Pray for them, Shane is currently deployed.

David Table 0

Teaching David how to make a coffee table out of Monkey Pod wood.

David Table 1

David Table 2

Pretty fancy!

December 7th remembered

Remembering their brothers, below them, entombed in the USS Arizona

Emily Date

A Dad/Daughter date to watch the big waves on the North Shore.  Pray for Emily, she has been having health issues and will be seeing a Cardiolgist soon.

Emily Engaged

I tell her that her heart problems have to do with the fact that she’s engaged to this Marine and he’s deployed.  The Beaudin family is looking forward to their wedding here in Hawaii on August 23rd.  (Yes, he is dad approved!)

Emily Kiss

Emily getting some love

Friday Night

A Friday night after Bible Study, enjoying dessert and fellowship!


One of our Marines, who is out, finished his College Degree!  Danielson’s family could not attend so we were there!


Hamburger anyone?  Lots of hungry mouths to feed very soon!

Kelsey Date

Dad/Daughter date with Kelsey!  She’s doing great and enjoying living in Hawaii as a teenager!

Kelsey Teaching Craft 0

Kelsey teaching a craft at Penny’s Bible Study she co-leads

Kelsey Teaching Craft 1

Lanikai Pilbox 1

Lanikai Pillbox Hike with the Home Port crew!

Lanikai Pillbox 0

Lanikai Pillbox 2

Shaka back at ya Cheeto!

Learing to Bake

So… Penny found out that Jordan REALLY likes pecan pie.  So, as the saying goes, give a man a pie and he eats once – teach a man how to make a pie and he eats Pecan pie whenever he wants! 

Marine Ball

Emily & Dale and some of the other Marines who come to Home Port at a Marine Ball!

New Years Movie 0

New Years eve is a huge temptation to get drunk with Waikiki so close.  We do a movie marathon every New Years Eve as a fun alternative.

New Years Movie 1

New Years Movie 2

New Years Eve Movie Marathon Junk Food Pot Luck!

PHCC Worship Team

Most of these people attend Home Port regularly.  This is the Pearl Harbor Chapel Worship Team!

Pink Pillbox 0

Pink Pillbox Hike out in Waianae

Pink Pillbox 1

Dale and Emily

Pink Pillbox 2

Those are some crazy roots!

Pink Pillbox 3

Dad, Emily, and Kelsey Beaudin!

Pink Pillbox 4

Pink Pillbox crew!

Pink Pillbox 5

A great place for watching sunsets!

Pink Pillbox 6Pink Pillbox 7Pink Pillbox 8


Ladies praying for each other after Bible Study on Friday Night


This picture has no filter.  This is the sunrise at our house one morning!  

Valentines 0

Valentines Day fell on a Friday Night this year so we celebrated together!

Valentines 1Valentines 2

Valentines 3

Isn’t she lovely!  Inside and out!

Wheeler Airfield 0

Up on Wheeler Airfield when helecopters come back in from flight they get a Copter Wash!

Wheeler Airfield 1

Just like a car wash!  A Copter Wash!

Wheeler Airfield 2

Got to wash off all that sea salt!


This last picture is an art piece Penny and I finished recently and resides in our living room.  It’s a reminder to us, our service members, and to you that if we REALLY care about lost people we must build a significant relationship with them in order to have the right to share the Gospel.  This is Biblical.  Join us as we love well and lead the lost to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ!

Thanks as always for your interest in what we do and for those of you who partnership and/or pray diligently with us every month with your financial gifts…. thank you.  Without you none of these pictures above would have happened.  You are so important to ministry happening here!

“How happy is anyone who has put his trust in the Lord!”  Psalm 40:4

Home Port Ministry in Oahu!


We hope this finds you well in our Lord Jesus Christ!  It’s been a while since we last updated you to what’s happening on the mission field!  So lets get to it!

Penny and I stay busy continuing our “Home away from Home” experience every Friday night for service members where we eat and then study God’s Word.  Its a pleasure to see great interaction during bible study and fellowship way into the night with some not leaving the House until 11pm!  Right now we are going through the book of John verse by verse.  The rest of our week look pastoral as we spend time helping service members and their families.  It’s a joy to spend time with them and to disciple those who desire to be discipled.   We are always saying goodbye and hello continually.  Imagine everyone in your church, even all your pastors moving on every 3 years, and what ministry would look like at your church.  This PCS season we had 2 families and one single move on.  We rejoice because we know that God can and will do great things through them wherever they are planted next!

Much has happened since our last blog post so let me tell you our story through pictures.  Here we go!


Penny and some of the MK girls at the House!  (Military Kids!)


We LOVE those who wear combat boots!  They are our favorite guests at Home Port!


The Zumwalt-Class Destroyer made a visit to Pearl Harbor


Home Port Sunday Hike with some of our people!



The Marine Band having fun at the Ala Moana Mall!


Thankful for Boutiki!  We wrote a grant for Lani furniture and we were awarded what we asked!  God is SO Good!


Grant funded new furniture!


Grant funded new furniture!


Grant funded new furniture!


The adults got new furniture.  The kids got a BOX TUNNEL!  Thanks to Kelsey for making it!



Building the cross for Night at the Cross



Easter Dinner with our Home Port Family!


Easter Dinner with our Home Port Family!


Enter a Easter Dinner with our Home Port Family!


Easter Dinner with our Home Port Family!


Easter Dinner with our Home Port Family!


When your dad is deployed, you miss him.  Such an honor for Todd to fill in for a short time!


She would set her shoes on top of Todd’s everytime she came over.   🙂


Clebe McClary was a guest speaker one night!


Not sure who he is?  Google it 🙂


Monday Nights Todd leads Band of Brothers, a men’s Bible Study


Home Port Sunday Hikes are lots of fun!



Just a day at Pearl Harbor!


Helping with the Pearl Harbor Chapel VBS!  Always a priveledge to help our Chaplains!


Kelsey braved a flight to Alaska for the summer to work at Solid Rock Bible Camp!  Very thankful for the Nabingers taking her in on the weekends and loving on her!


Guhn Kim cooking Korean Short Ribs and Huli Huli Chicken for Friday Night!


This is a video of what a Friday Night at Home Port looks like


Saying goodbye to the Roubicek family.  We miss you guys!



Praying for Nathan & Alicia as weil as Cruz and Austin who were heading into the Army


Unfortunatly, several weeks later Austin died in the Army of a brain injury.  Please keep his family in your prayers.  Matt to the right spent a lot of time with him.  Austin gave his life to the Lord this Summer, so we rejoice.


Before Alicia PCS’ed with her family she got Baptized!



It’s always a joy to be included to the party to celebrate rank promotion!  Job well done Shane!



Char is a part of the Cadence family and ministers to women at the Marine Base.  We love Char!



Penny making Play-Doh with the girls!


Even though its a rental, Todd just cant help improving these guys “Home away from Home.”



Goodbye Rudy.  We celebrate with you as you leave the Marines and head to Seminary.  May God richly bless your ministry in the near future!


Isn’t she lovely!


Another Home Port Sunday Hike with our people!  So much beauty in God’s Creaton!



Kelsey made it back home from a summer serving the Lord in Alaska!


Who sayz Hawaii Boyz don’t smoke Alaska Salmon!  Thankful for friends who bring me fish!


Hiking the North Shore with the Home Port Crew!



Memorial for the Marine Chopper that crashed off the North Shore


Sometimes love happens right before our eyes at Hospitality Houses!  Todd was honored to be asked to officiate the BIG DAY back in Upstate NY!



Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Luke & Lindsey Grossmann!



Love this girl!


We stopped in Montana to see Emily.  She has since moved home and we are so thankful to get a litle more time with her as that happens less as they grow older!


Saying goodbye to the Harvey family.  We miss you all very much!

Thanks as always for taking time to see what we are doing.  Dont stop praying.  There is so much more I’d love to share with you all, but confidentiality prevents me from doing so.  What you see is only the tip of the iceberg of ministry to the Military.  Blessings to each of you who support us, without you this blog wouldn’t exist.

With Love, 

– The Beaudin’s

 “Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.”          Psalm 36:5


So thankful to be in Oahu and serving the men and women of the military!  Come visit us!

Finding Our Battle Rhythm In Oahu


The Beaudin’s are finally unpacked!  Not bad for our first 6 months on the field here in Oahu!  At Ft. Drum it took us 2.5 years to get settled in and we still had boxes to unpack!  Ministry at Home Port is speeding along and we are seeing growth as our service members invite people to the House!  The other night we had 40 for dinner and Bible Study!  Todd is finishing the Book of James on Friday nights and has been leading a study of Nehemiah on Monday Nights for the men.  Penny has been busy with a womens Bible Study on Base and spending time with spouses loving on the ladies God has put in her life!  She continues to cook fabulous meals every Friday night.  Home Port is also now serving a homeless kitchen once a month in Honolulu and we also take the House for a hike on this beautiful island monthly.

Our girls are doing well!  Kelsey is finishing up 10th grade and is excited for summer vacation.  We had Emily home for Christmas which was wonderful!  Emily has done well at college but has had some health issues which has made attending classes and working difficult.  She’s doing her best but a bit stressed out as the school is “pay as you go.”  I know we would all appreciate your prayers for her and for us all!

We were honored that our friend Derek Black came and made a video of our ministry!  You will find a link to it at the bottom of this blog post!  As always, pictures tell a better story than me rambling on. Enjoy!


Saying goodbye never gets easy as it was Alex’s time to go.


Praying for Alex that he would be missional to his peers at his next duty assignment.


Christmas found us celebrating together and having a lot of fun!  Ginger bread house competitions!



We have several single service members and each received a stocking full of gifts and goodies since they couldn’t get home for Christmas.


Nori giving some Christmas love!



Playing games and fellowshipping at Christmas time!


It’s always a joy to have service members and their families join us for Christmas dinner!


Christmas Cantata at Pearl Harbor Chapel!  Emily sang and Todd played drums!


Mele Kalikimaka from the Beaudin’s!



Helping Service members pick out a reliable car is all part of the ministry!


As well as helping them service their car!


New Years Eve we hosted a Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon!  It was a great alternative to other opportunities available in and around the island when you are a young adult!



Alex is one of our sailors who made dinner for the entire house!  Carne Asada, Al Pastor, homemade salsas, and he even made Horchata!



Picking up Jordan at the airport and dropping him at his home after a long deployment!


Jordan enjoying the comfort of the Home Port house and love from Nori!  Service members miss their pets when they leave home and family.


So it’s true that we rent this house but we still needed to build shelving in the garage, pantry, and for Todds books!



Kelsey is such a huge help.  We’d be lost without her!  She helps get ready for Friday night and she spends a great deal of time loving on military kids!



Dinner time!


Chaplain Nick showing us how to properly eat waffles and sausage!


Eating and fellowship!


Penny continues to make service members favorite homemade dessert for their birthday.  It’s one of the ways she shows love.


Singing worship songs before Bible Study


Getting ready for Bible Study



The lure of sin.  Using a rat trap to make a point.  James 1: 13-15


Sunday Summit Hike!



Hiking with our Home Port Ohana!


Pearl Harbor Chapel is where we serve on Sunday Mornings.  Chap is getting his preach on!


Those who wear combat boots are our favorite guests!


Relaxing at Home Port. Their “home away from home.”


Penny spending time and cooking with a soldiers wife!


Talking about life and loving on a soldiers wife!


Doing Pre-marital counseling long distance!  Todd has been asked to officiate the wedding of two of our soldiers back at Ft. Drum this June!


When your daddy is on deployment for 6 months a little girl starts to miss her dad.  She follows Todd around saying “dad” and asking him to pick her up so she can be held.  Of course Todd thinks that’s great!



We just had a video made of our ministry here at Oahu!  Click on the link below to see it! It’s best in full screen!




Thanks for catching up with us!  We appreciate each of you who take the time to pray for us and who financially support what God is doing here.  Without you none of what is happening here would be happening!  It’s such an honor to partner with you in ministry, we don’t take you for granted.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.”  Philippians 4:4

Life and Ministry to the Military on Oahu


It’s been a crazy three months on the mission field at Pearl Harbor!  We want to thank you for your continued prayers and support and give you an update on ministry with our service members!

Our household goods and truck arrived in September and since then we’ve been unpacking and getting the Home Port Hospitality House situated for our needs and for ministry!  At Fort Drum we only worked with the Army, but here we have had all branches of the Military represented except for the Coast Guard!  Our time has been spent getting acquainted to our new ministry environment, obtaining passes to Pearl Harbor/Hickam and working to secure Schofield Barracks passes.  We’ve been graciously accepted and put to work by Navy chaplains at Pearl Harbor which we are so thankful.  It is our joy to provide a “home away from home” environment to those who sacrifice so much for our safety and freedom!  A home cooked meal made with Penny’s love, a place to decompress and be loved on, and a place to grow in expository teaching from the Word of God –  being encouraged to reach out to other service members evangelistically!

Please pray for us as the ministry at this Cadence Hospitality House has been in transition for two years, meaning there have been temporary directors keeping the doors open to ministry until Cadence selected us as their long term replacement directors for Home Port.  At Fort Drum we were renovating a Hospitality House, and now we find ourselves renovating a ministry.  Please pray that our service members attending the House would not be timid, but courageous in their faith and bold to ask other military personnel they work with to come to Home Port!  This is our primary way to grow, evangelize, and disciple.  As most know, it is extremely expensive to live and do ministry here, so we covet your prayers in this time of rebuilding!  If you would like to keep a very vital ministry thriving and are prayerfully considering an end of the year gift you can do so by clicking this link Here!

As always, pictures tell more of a story than words… so enjoy!



The Naval Chapel at Pearl Harbor


Palm trees giving us a warm welcome to the Island!


As you may already know, goodbyes happen too often in this ministry as service members PCS to different duty stations all around the world.  It is always changing.







Military kids playing at Bellows Beach


This is the Home Port Hospitality House!  We rent this home to do our ministry here on Oahu.


We weren’t on Island two weeks and Todd was recruited to play on the Pearl Harbor Chapel worship team!



SO VERY THANKFUL for service members helping us unload our container and get our stuff into the house!


It’s hard to find a beach that isn’t beautiful here!


Praying for Jordan as he deploys.  Will you keep him in your prayers as well?



One way we show love to Service Members is by making them their favorite dessert for their birthdays!


Kelsey helping with the Pearl Harbor Chapel Trunk-er-Treat bounce house!


Our truck decorated up for the Trunk-er-Treat event!


Lots of opportunity to talk with service member families as they went by!


We had 1000+ families come through in two hours!

It was very evident we were not in the midsts of civilians.  Such respect!


Penny and I were asked along with a Navigator’s couple to be the missionary speakers at the children’s Awana Program!


Talking to the Middle and High School students



Every Monday night Todd leads a servicemen’s Bible Study called Band of Brothers!  We are doing an expository study of Nehemiah!


Kelsey on a Dad / Daughter Date!


Thankful that one of our servicemen at Home Port does HVAC as his MOS with the Air Force!  James is showing Todd how to clean the AC units.



Just in case you think our lives revolve around beaches and remoteness!


Traffic on the H1. It’s wise to not travel certain directions at certain times of the day!


Relaxing before dinner at the Home Port Hospitality House after a very long work week on base!


Todd helping out with Communion at the Pearl Harbor Chapel



From our house we can see Ford Island at Pearl Harbor.  It is a continual reminder of one of the worst attacks on America


1177 sailors.  Still entombed below the water with their brothers in their ship.


USS Missouri parked close to the sunk USS Arizona.  One of our Home Port guys gives tours of this ship where WWII came to an end.


Rainbows everywhere!  Such a glorious way to remember God’s promises!


As always, it’s our joy to provide service members and their families a place to celebrate during the Holidays.  So many cant go home so we become that family!



Good food and great fellowship!  We had close to 30 for Thanksgiving Dinner!



For a select few, turkey coma was managed well in the living room!  Also, this is where we do Bible Study on Friday nights.  We expect to fit over 40 people in this room!


Our Daughter Kelsey is a Missionary as well (dark blue shirt).  She kept the children active during Thanksgiving Day!  So thankful for her!



Island sunsets are beautiful


Kelsey walking Nori on the Beach!  Nori doesn’t mind being a Hawaii dog!


Thank you again for believing in us, your prayers, your support, and partnership in this ministry!  Please don’t stop.  Even though it may seem like a dream to do ministry in Hawaii, there are equal hardships.  We thank God daily for his placement here and are leaning heavily into Him for continued support of us doing His work.  We see the need here as much as we did at Fort Drum!  Thank you for taking the time to catch up with the Beaudin’s, we love each of you!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  – Jeremiah 29: 11-13

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Hawaii Bound!


Our time on home assignment is drawing to an end and on September 1st we take over directorship of the Home Port Hospitality House on Oahu, HI.  It would be an understatement to say we can’t wait to begin loving on soldiers again, sharing our lives and the Gospel through hospitality!

So what exactly have we been doing?  A well intentioned person asked if we were enjoying our vacation, but it’s far from what I consider a vacation!  We’ve been living out of a suitcase for the last 5 months, 3 of of those months on the road in the 48 states visiting supporters, potential supporters, and family.  We were rarely in one place more than 24 hours.  We were treated with such wonderful hospitality from our friends, it was a pleasure to visit with each of you and reconnect!  The last two months were spent in Alaska visiting with our support base at our home church.  We saw some fabulous country on our travels, and all in all we drove over 20,000 miles and saw over 200 families.  If this was a vacation, it certainly wasn’t for the faint of heart!

So here’s our current schedule:

  • August 13th – I took our truck to port in Anchorage for it to barge to Hawaii.
  • August 14th – Penny and I flew back to Watertown, NY to pull our household goods out of storage, put them in a container, and get them shipped to Hawaii.
  • August 20th – Penny and I embark from Watertown, NY to Seattle, WA with Nori, our dog, by car.  No carrier will transport her to Hawaii except for Hawaiian Airlines, but it must be from the West Coast.
  • August 23rd – 26th – Along the way we get Emily situated at college.
  • August 29th – We fly from Seattle to Oahu with Nori.
  • September 6th – Kelsey will fly to Hawaii with a family friend.

Once in Hawaii we begin the process of familiarizing ourselves with the island and ministry.  The Beaudin family is doing well, considering all of the transitions and movement.

Glory to God we announce that we are at 100% monthly support!  Our start up funds are almost there too!  If you would like to help get us squared away, please click Here!

Enjoy a few pictures from the road!  Thanks to each of you who partner with us and are so diligent with your prayers!  We feel them and appreciate it greatly!


Our Journey started in New York


Washington D.C.


Todd Preached in Mexico as well as our home church Soldotna Bible Chapel in Alaska


Huntington Beach, CA


San Francisco, CA


Sequoia National Forest





Critters along the Alaskan Canadian Highway








We saw many of our Soldiers & Family who PCS’ed away from Ft. Drum while on our trip!  Danika Dauray


Chaplain Vest & Family


Calvert Family


The Wysor’s


Hodge, Brasswell, and Smith families


The Smith Family


The Jackson family


The Albertson and Sexton Families


Arbel Orshan


Andrew Edwards & the Aliers


The Rodriguez familiy


Ocean Container for our stuff, and no, we don’t have that much stuff!  This was actually the cheapest option!


Maybe this is why it was the cheapest option!  Ocean Container with a hole in the roof!


Ocean container fixed!  Thank you God for skills!


Some of our soldiers helping get us loaded!


Filled half way high except for the last few feet!


On the road with Nori!


Nori Love!


Dogs need a travel break too!


Our last picture together, for now!

Thanks for taking time to catch up with us and please pray for all that is on our plate right now.  We find it such a joy to serve our Savior and Soliders!  If you partner with us you are a vital part of what God is doing in the military!  Thank you!

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:8

Our Last Days Serving at Ft. Drum

Change of command

Our last days with our soldiers was bittersweet to say the least, we love them and you could tell it was reciprocal.

To our soldiers and families:

Our last Friday with you was filled with many tears, tears of sadness and tears of joy.  We will hold our memories of Ft. Drum  with you very close to our heart.  While we are excited for the next chapter of ministry in Oahu, Hi there won’t be a day we won’t think of our “kids” back at Ft. Drum.  I say “kids” because Penny was very adamant that while she wasn’t attached to  Watertown, NY or even the Hospitality House we poured so much time and effort into to make it a soldiers home, she and I are very attached to each of you who came to the house.  Penny joked about packing you all up and bringing you along with us to Hawaii…. and who couldn’t refuse such a deal?  We will miss your faces walking through the door on Friday as well as every other day of the week knowing you should never knock or ring the doorbell (that was code for rookie at the door) but just walk in because, well, it was your home…just don’t sell it.

As I write this, we are on our way across America to visit supporters, family, and raise up new partners in ministry so our support is at 100% anticipating ministry in Hawaii.  I’m typing on my MacBook, plugged into the truck power supply and my iPhone is my hotspot to the world.  This post was uploaded to the web on HWY 53 north of Duluth, MN while Penny drives along at 65 mph.  We truly live in a different world today don’t we?  And for that very reason I believe that we will continue to stay in touch, though if you decide to visit us in the middle of the Pacific Ocean we will be overjoyed!

As always, here are some pictures to tell our story from Christmas to present.  Our next post will be about our time on the road!

Christmas 1

Family pic at Christmas time!

Christmas 2

Penny being adorable…. as always

Christmas 3

What do you do when you cant get home for Christmas?  You sleepover at the Beaudin’s!  Lindsey helping make breakfast.

Christmas 4

Ugly Sweater/Gingerbread House/Christmas Party!

Christmas 5

Christmas 6

We LOVE opening our home to soldiers who are singing, “I’ll be home for Christmas… if only in my dreams.”

Christmas 7Christmas 8

Christmas 10

Next year will not be a white Christmas, unless you count white sand and white hibiscus flowers!

Youth 1

Still working with teenagers!  Ft. Drum youth group Christmas party.

Youth 2

Youth 3

A little love from my high schoolers in youth group as we leave!

Ball 1

We were honored as special guests at the 1-10 Batalion Formal Ball

Ball 2


The boots of soldiers are always our favorite guests at the House!

Change of command

Change of Command service for my friend Lt. Col. George A. Hodges of the 1st Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment

Cold NY

Staying “Frosty” in Upstate NY

Girls being silly

One of the special blessings of Hospitality House ministry with Cadence is being a little sister to solders!  Facial Mask Beauty treatments are downright scary!


Penny’s solders and daughters hanging around on a Friday Night!

guys praying

Yes, real men love Jesus!


Once in a while I recruit for Cadence and Michael was one of those students recruited!  He will be serving as an intern this Summer with Cadence.



Todd playing drums with the worship team for Chapel Next

Family 1

Kelsey’s Christmas gift was horse riding lessons.  She’s a bit horse crazy!

Family 2

Adorable Nori!  She continues to be a huge ministry partner on the field!  Soldiers miss their dogs and love playing with her.

Family 3


We are so blessed to have CH LTC James Foster and his lovely wife Angela taking care of Nori while we are on the road.  We will reconnect with her in 6 months and she will be a Hawaii Dog!

Family 4

The Beauty of Sisters

Sew 1

Penny teaching sewing to some of her ladies

Sew 2

House 1

The last project we accomplished was to finish the custom made trim for the windows so it would match the existing custom trim in the house.

House 2House 3House 5

House 6

Nehemiah helping Penny paint trim

House 7IMG_0276House 8House 9.1

House 9

Nic was a huge help to Todd with many things at the house!

House 10

Hutchins 1

Brian & Cathy Hutchins visiting and getting to know our soldiers.  They are the new Hospitality House Directors for Ft. Drum.

Hutchins 2

The Haas family will be moving to Ft. Drum as well to help with youth ministry!

Hutchins 3

Move 1

Saying goodbye to Chaplain Raja and family

Move 2

Kelsey consoling a teenager who must, again, move.  This time within a year.  Being a military kid is very difficult, please pray for military families.

Move 3

Saying goodbye to the Jacksons and Rodriguez’

Move 4

Saying goodbye to Vanessa

Image-1-1Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us!  We leave you with a picture out front of the Ft. Drum Hospitality House with us now saying goodbye to NY and Aloha to Hawaii in the future!

God is Good!    All the time!  All the time…. God is Good!

Our Time at Ft. Drum is Ending…


It’s been a whirlwind two years at Ft. Drum but our time here is soon coming to a close.  We let Cadence Headquarters know a while ago that it would be helpful to move somewhere warmer in the future.  Sometime within our last two years in Alaska Penny began to struggle with an auto immune deficiency called Raynaud’s Syndrome and over time it has gotten worse, she really struggles with being cold.  If you would like to learn more about Raynaud’s Syndrome you can click Here.  So, Cadence kept that in mind and has been looking for a site that would be a good fit for both of us, the Hospitality House in Pearl Harbor is where they have chosen.  This will be a very bittersweet transition as we are humbly honored to direct the house in Hawaii but have fallen in love with our soldiers here at Ft. Drum.   While we are sad that our time in ministry is coming to a close here we are very excited about the couple who will be replacing us.  Brian and Cathy Hutchens have been with Cadence for 7 years, mostly at Ft. Jackson in South Carolina.   The Cadence ministry at Ft. Drum will be in good hands!

While our next endeavor may sound very utopian, there are some hurdles to clear.  Cadence will place us on a six month Home Assignment beginning March 1st in order to visit our current supporters and raise additional funds that will be needed for this ministry site.  While Hawaii is not cheap, it is a strategic and vital place of ministry to the military.  The island of Oahu has a huge military presence with around 40,000 soldiers and 14 different installations and all 5 branches represented within a close proximity:

Marine CorpsMarine Corps Base Hawaii (Kaneohe Bay), Camp H. M. Smith and Pu’uloa Range Training Facility

ArmyFort ShafterSchofield BarracksWheeler Army Airfield (formerly Wheeler Air Force Base) and Tripler Medical Center

NavyJoint Base Pearl Harbor-HickamNCTAMS PACNaval Magazine Lualualei

Air ForceJoint Base Pearl Harbor-HickamBellows Air Force Station

Coast GuardUSCG ISC HonoluluUSCG Air Station Barbers Point

After our home assignment, we will take over directorship of the Home Port Hospitality House.  If you would like to take a peek at this ministry you can learn more HERE.

Please be in fervent prayer with us during this transitional time as there will be many things on our plate to consider and accomplish before we are released Hawaii, Lord willing later in 2018.  We are so thankful for each of you who are our prayer and support team, we look forward to moving into future ministry with you in Hawaii.


– Mahalo!