Summertime in Upstate New York

A Beaudin Pic

“So thankful for Todd & Penny!  Thank you for all the support and treating me like family, it means more than you’ll ever know.”  – from one of our soldiers

Summer finds us plenty busy with soldiers in and out of our home.  There is rarely a day we don’t have at least one if not a few at the house.  We are thankful they see this place as an oasis they can decompress from Ft. Drum and that they feel safe to just be ‘them.’

We have seen strong numbers throughout the summer attending our Friday night meal and Bible study with between 25 to 40+ in the house.  Our chaplains have also been active with us at the house as well which blesses us immensely.  Most soldiers come because they were invited by a soldier that already attends and we continue to encourage them to see this property as a tool to love on and build relationship with the ‘Joe’s and Jane’s’ they work with daily to share the Gospel.

We’ve been busy helping our chaplains where ever we can.  We lead a greeting/hospitality ministry at Sunday Chapel on Post, Emily and Todd are regular worship team leaders (Emily sings & Todd plays drums).  We also help with a single soldiers ministry and will be working with the Post VBS all next week.

At the house Penny has been working with around 6 ladies teaching sewing as a way to get to know them and build relationships as they talk about many things in life and Bible.  Both Todd & Penny continue to meet with soldiers for various studies and counseling weekly.  Todd has had the blessing of having one soldier come over regularly to help him get projects done on the house and property.  We just received a large financial gift that will allow AC to be added to existing forced air furnace so the house will soon have central air for the first time!  This may be lost on our Alaska friends but let me tell you, it gets really hot and humid here in the summer!  We still have two large projects we want to complete to see this full house renovation done.  You can learn about what they are HERE.

You should be seeing a letter in the mail soon from us including the picture above as a magnet for your fridge!  Please keep the prayers coming, we see hurt and PTSD symptoms regularly.  These precious people and families would appreciate it and so would we!

As always, we’ll leave you with some pictures of what we’ve been up to…


Penny & I escaped to Buffalo, NY to celebrate our anniversary, stay the night, and eat ridiculous size steaks.  26 years in love and counting!

Bible Study

When it’s not too hot, we meet outside for Bible study!  We’ve been making our way through the Gospel of John chapter by chapter!

Bible Study 2

Bible Study in Basement

When it’s too hot outside we meet in the only place that is cool!  The basement!


Soldiers birthdays are celebrated every month with the homemade dessert of their choice!  Pray for Brad, this young man is a Chinook pilot and is deployed currently to Germany.

Bordenave Move 2

Moving is an ongoing activity at Ft. Drum.  The Navigator and Cadence ministries Helping Kevin & Raissa get packed up!

Bordenave Move 3Bordenave Move

Bounce House

Kids love the bounce house on Friday nights!  Emily & Kelsey continue to work with the kids and we are so thankful for their work!

Bounce House2

Bye Athena

Praying for and saying goodbye to Athena.  Pray for her and husband Logan, and their infant son Aiden.  Athena and Logan are both Apache pilots and are PCS’ing to South Korea.

Bye Brad

Praying for and saying goodbye, for now, to Brad as he is deployed.

Bye Christina

Praying for and saying goodbye to Christina.  She and her husband Matt are retiring from the military and she transitioned early to their new digs as Matt waited for paperwork to clear.

Bye Matt 2

Matt’s last day as a solider and a proud holder of a DD214!  Matt and his dog Riley lived with us for a week as he tied up all the loose ends.

Bye Matt 3

The Cadence crew helping Matt & Christina clean the apartment for check out.

Bye Matt

Bye Matt!

Canoe 1

Todd was asked to put together a canoe trip for the Ft. Drum youth group and Josh helped him float the river on a recon trip.  The trip got put on the back burner for now because of scheduling conflicts.

Canoe 2

Canoe 3

The Hospitality House has boats because we are on the Black River!  The property now has a boat tree to store them!  Thanks Nic for your help!

Concert in the Park 2

The group had a fun time at Thompson Park a few miles away from the Hospitality House attending an outside concert (Syracuse Orchestra), Cannon fire, and fireworks over the city of Watertown!

Concert in the Park 3

The 1812 Overture was being played and the smoke is from the cannons, complements of Ft. Drum.

Concert in the Park 4Concert in the Park


Fresh cut flowers from the House yard!

Game Night

Some of the guys playing a game, unwinding, and fellowshipping!  Rank doesn’t matter much at the house!

Kelsey's Surgery

A few weeks ago we had a big scare as Kelsey needed Emergency Surgery to remove an ovary as she had an ovarian torsion.  One week later she was back to her regular teenager life!  Praise God!

Kid Birthday

Being a military kid can be hard and sometimes we get the honor to be family!  Who doesn’t love a birthday party?!

Miitary Ball

We were invited to attend a Battalion military ball!

Military Ball 2

Kelsey is growing up to be a beautiful lady like her mom and sister!

Military Ball 3

Dad is so honored to dance with his girl!

Military Ball 4

So thankful for my bride!  Just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

Neakita Visit 2

Emily was blessed to have her bestie stay for two weeks here in New York, then Emily went to Alaska for two weeks!

Neakita Visit

Nori & Dixie

Nori continues to be a huge asset to our ministry and she is a loved part of our family.  Her anxiety with other dogs has lessened and she now has playmates (and cuddle buddies) as we continue to watch soldiers dogs from time to time.

Nori 2

So patient with kids!

Nori 3

She is loved and a part of the Beaudin Family!


Always looking for a little attention!

Perez Visit

Our regional directors Danny & Kathryn Perez came for their annual visit.  We always enjoy their company, love, encouragement, and wisdom!

Single Solder

Penny showing some love by making banana bread for the single soldier ministry on Ft. Drum.  Who doesn’t like homemade when all you get is MRE’s, Defac food, and the barracks?

Soldiers eating on Deck

Thankful for a big deck and lots of soldiers and family!

Soldiers on Deck

Soldiers on the Deck 3

One of the favorite summertime meals!

Titco Visit

Our friends and ministry partners, the Titco family.  They serve CRU Military at Ft. Eustis, VA.  So awesome to have them come hang out with us for a weekend!

Yard Cleaning 1

Renovation work on the yard and house continue every week.  We finished cleaning out the back end of the property so you can see the Black River really well!

Yard Cleaning 2Yard Cleaning 4

Yard Cleaning 5

Nothing is free in New York except yard debris removal!  The city came by with a truck and wood chipper and it was all gone in 20 minutes!

Yard Cleaning 6

Panoramic of the backyard.  It’s shaping up nicely!

Z last photo

…and we might as well take a picture in the backyard!   (This is what your fridge magnet should look like.  Be watching for something from us in the mail this next month!)

Thanks again for taking the time to catch up with what’s happening on the mission field.  The Gospel is being shared by word and deed!  Please continue to pray that these men and women will be as bold with the Gospel as they are in protecting our freedoms!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.  Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story— those He redeemed from the hand of the foe, those He gathered from the lands, from east and west, from north and south.”  Psalm 107: 1-3

Spring and Soldiers at Ft. Drum!

Todd & Penny Apache

“I’m so glad this ministry and you guys are here.  I would be lost without it and not living for the Lord nor being a testimony to my fellow soldiers here at Ft. Drum.”   –  from one of our soldiers

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on the happenings around the Hospitality House.  Trust me, it’s not because we’ve been sitting on our hands!  We appreciate your ongoing prayers and support even when things get a little silent!

We’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up so we can continue working on the renovation of the Hospitality House.  The garage is still full of some of our boxes and it’s not heated so running equipment is hard outside in the snow.  Our plan is to complete the finish carpentry inside the house this summer.  We are waiting on a quote from a local business and we are praying they will deeply discount the supplies for our HVAC fix.  We are hoping to install central AC into the house as the summers get up to 100 degrees with 100% humidity and the house gets unbearable.  Cooking for a Friday night gets intense and I have to be on my “A” game to hold their attention sitting in the heat and humidity for Bible Study!  The main flooring of the house still needs replaced as well.  We can see the end of this epic renovation coming to a close soon pending on the cash to complete it.  Pray with us about that would you?

Penny and I have continued to be busy on Fridays preparing dinner and teaching through the Gospel of John.  We continue to do personal bible studies, counseling, and serve our soldiers, wives and children however we can.  We count it such a privilege to be here with them, to walk alongside them in their often very difficult situations.  We can both say that our work is truly a labor of love!  Penny has been very involved with PWOC the on-post weekly women’s Bible Study with over a 100 ladies and spending relational time with ladies sewing.  Emily and Kelsey continue to work with the children on Friday nights and help get the house ready.  We are so blessed to have their help and they have been doing a great job with upwards of 10 children.  Emily also sings with the Chapel Next worship team on Post occasionally, and we have been attending two services at Ft. Drum every Sunday.  The Traditional Service which attracts quite a few single soldiers and Chapel Next, which is more contemporary.  Both have been great avenues to build relationships with soldiers and their families and many attend the House on Friday nights.

Penny and I recently attended our annual east coast conference with Cadence in Asheville, NC.  We were refreshed and challenged by our leadership!   Once we got back we shared with our military family here at the H.House our vision together for ministry.  We reminded them that the verse (see below) they walk past as they come into the house is a reminder for us all.  It is our pleasure to pour into their lives but it also reminds them of their need to pour into the lives of the “Joe’s” they work with everyday.  Utilizing the H.House as a tool to minister to them as a safe place they can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Living and sharing the Gospel in a military environment is tremendously challenging but we have full confidence they can do it.  These men and women are the 1% of our population that answer the call to serve and stand in harms way to protect us and our freedom.  They are the ideal people to task with the Great Commission sharing the gospel wherever the Lord, through our military, sends them around the world!  Pray for them, will you!


Trey and Jessica

We were invited to attend Trey’s promotion to First Sergeant

Trey Promotion 2

Jessica, pinning on his rank as their girls watch

Trey Promotion

St. Patricks Day at the House!

St. Patricks Day Party at the House!  Green Eggs & Ham!

Russ leaving the house

Russ, being prayed over as he leaves the military and the House

Penny & Kalen

Penny, using her talents and interests to minister to soldiers wives

Penny & Christina Crafting


Playing paintball with our House soldiers!

Paintball 2

MWS Concert

We were blessed with donated VIP tickets to a Michael W Smith concert!

MWS Concert 2

…and we were blessed with the special honor of a “meet and greet” with Michael W Smith and Jim Daneker!  Both these guys have a special place in their heart for our Military.

Nori with Ball

Nori continues to be a blessing to the ministry!  She loves little children and is very patient!

HHouse Door Spring

Welcome to the Hospitality House!  It’s finally Spring!

Kelsey Vacuuming

Kelsey vacuuming and getting the house ready for Friday night!  She is a blessing!

Emily and the Kids

Emily working with some of the children we have with us on Friday nights at the House!

Emily Singing

Emily helping with the worship service at Chapel Next

Keven Deploying

Praying for Keven as he deploys for 9 months and for time to go by quickly for his wife Raissa!  Pray that Keven will be a missionary on his deployment and share Christ through his actions and words!

The Cross Wall

The Cross Wall and our celebration of Easter with our soldiers!

Easter Dinner 4

Easter dinner with around 30 hungry brothers and sisters!

Easter Dinner 3Easter Dinner 2Easter Dinner

David working on his uniform

David, working on his Class A’s at the House

Group Study

Bible Study down in the basement


Chris being promoted to Captain


Cadence Conference

All the East Coast Cadence Missionaries!

Cadence Conference with Mark

Mark Wilson and I mountain biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains while at Conference

Cadence Conference 3

I found this pond so refreshing!  Spent some quality time with the Lord reading the Word and praying.

Apache with Family & Chris

Chris invited us to Family Day at the range!

Todd & Penny Apache

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with what is going on here at Ft. Drum!  We ask that you specifically pray for the Gospel to be advanced through our soldiers!  Pray that God will use the Beaudin family daily in their lives to love them and instruct them as we work together to reach the lost for Christ!

Wintertime at the Hospitality House!


There is much happening at Ft. Drum with our soldiers!  Block Leave (Holiday Leave), JRTC (Month long training at Ft. Polk), TDY’s (Temporary duty assignment/training) and preparation for Deployment.  The pace is crazy busy and these families feel it.  Sometimes Penny and I long for the days of church ministry when people pretty much stick around for large blocks of time, not so with military life, but we wouldn’t trade it!  Of course this pace makes life hard for our soldiers and wives but it’s especially hard on the children, they sacrifice much.

Penny and I continue to pour into anyone who will allow us to do so through friendship, mentorship, and discipleship and our calendar is full.  Todd is currently teaching through the book of John on Friday nights which has been rich.  Depending on what is going on with our soldiers schedules we’ve been averaging anywhere from 20 to 40 people at the H. House for a “home cooked meal,” Bible Study, and Fellowship.  Sometimes guys don’t leave until way after midnight, sitting around the table drinking coffee and talking about important issues in life and faith.  Sometimes guys crash in the basement instead of heading back to the barracks.

As you look through the pictures below would you look for prayer opportunities and keep us all in prayer?  There is so much more I wish I could share with you but won’t because of confidentiality, but please know that there is a lot of deep hurt in the lives of many military families and singles.  We all covet your prayers and remember our Chaplains.


Our mission statement to the military



Todd was invited to a military Navigators conference which was helpful to learn what the Navigators do with the military!  In this picture is Lt. Jim Downing, the second oldest Pearl Harbor survivor who was the keynote speaker at 103 years old speaking to a soldier.  We are so thankful for the Navigators at Ft. Drum and what they do, it’s an honor to do ministry alongside them!


Jessica, a soldiers wife and friend of Penny’s, is busy in the kitchen making jalapeño jelly.


Our annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party!



Gingerbread competitions!



All the renovations and added insulation for the Hospitality House have made a huge difference in the utility bills, we are paying 50% less every month!  Praise the Lord!



Expository teaching through the book of John, we are tackling key passages in each chapter.  What a blessing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Praying and saying goodbye to John and Amanda Sexton and kids as they head to Ft. Bliss


It never gets any easier to say goodbye and it’s the thing we most dislike about this ministry.


New Year’s Eve Party playing board games!



Ski/Board trip to Snow Ridge (40 minutes away)!  We didn’t get everyone in the picture but most!


Nori is the newest addition to the Beaudin family.  She is a rescue dog and a sweetheart!  Good with people and kids but we believe she needs some work adapting to other dogs.  Please pray for Nori and for us as we go through obedience training and acclimation with other dogs.



Shooting at the Ft. Drum rifle range with Ruben Rodriguez


100 yards out


Kelsey doing home school


Please pray for this dear family.  Kim and kids recently started coming to the H. House.  This family will be geologically separated for possibly two years while he is in Germany.  This is on the back of him being deployed just a year ago.


Keven deploys very soon, please pray for him and his wife as she waits at home for Keven to return.  Pray for safety and for time to fly.


Watching soldiers cut up credit cards!  Todd has been attending a Dave Ramsey Military Financial Peace class with Emily for her future financial goals and to possibly help teach this class in the future on Post or at the H. House.


Welcome to the H. House!


Kelsey asked her Dad to attend a Dad/Daughter banquet at Ft. Drum, and of course her dad said YES!


She looks all grown up!



Kelsey sitting in-between two of her friends, Katie and Maria, who are both Chaplain’s daughters.


Todd was “Coined” by Lt. Col. George A. Hodges, 1st Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment Commander as a token of appreciation for what the Cadence Ministry does in sharing the Gospel and our lives with their soldiers here at Ft. Drum.

We thank each of you for your continued support!  As the weather starts to warm up we will continue with renovations on the Hospitality House.  If you would like to know where we stand with the renovation please click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page where it talks about the house renovation!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your prayers and support!  We LOVE being in partnership with each of you who pray and financially support this awesome ministry.  May God continue to do awesome things through all of us!

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!  Psalm 126:3

Merry Christmas from the Beaudin’s!


As you prepare to celebrate the day our Savior was born this week, the Beaudin family would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!  We are ready with anticipation for Christmas Day as we celebrate along with our soldier friends & family who cannot get home for Christmas this year.  Would you all do us a huge favor?  Would you include us all in your Christmas dinner prayer?  I know it would mean a lot for the families and soldiers who are here at Ft. Drum and also all those who are deployed downrange.

We want to thank each of you who pray for us here at Ft. Drum, thank you as well for your financial gifts to God who sustains us daily!  We couldn’t do this ministry without each of you, your prayers are felt so please keep up the good work!

Here is what you can pray for:

  • Soldiers with PTSD & TBI’s that are battling it.
  • Those who can’t get home for Christmas.  This is a dark time of the year for many who do not know Jesus as their Savior as they sit in their barracks not willing to come out to the Hospitality House.  Pray that they might hear about us and be encouraged to join us for Christmas!
  • Pray for our families who are PCS’ing or have already done so.  That they would find solid churches and strong fellowship & discipleship with other believers wherever they may end up.  That they might be missionaries to lost soldiers they work with everyday.
  • Our Chaplains and their families, for their battle everyday as they laboriously work to share the Gospel with lost soldiers.  Pray for their wives and children as well, I believe their plate is twice as full as a civilian pastors family.
  • Pray for Todd as he prepares to teach the Scriptures, for Penny as she cooks, for both of them as they invest into soldiers and soldiers wives, for Emily as she seeks direction for the future, and for Kelsey as she makes new friends because those she now has are PCS’ing soon.
  • Pray that the Beaudin family might be used in mighty ways for our Lord in 2017.

We’ve certainly been busy this year investing into the lives of our soldiers and building them up through Bible Study, discipleship, mentorship, and counseling.  Here’s some recent pictures for you to see what we’ve been up to lately!


Soldiers leave all the time.  It’s always bittersweet, excited for them to be the light of the Gospel in foreign lands when they deploy or PCS to a different Fort in the States.  Andrew is signing the Drum-stick on his last night here.


Jordan helping me blow insulation into the attic of the Hospitality House.


Todd blowing a foot of fiberglass insulation over the top of the urethane spray foam that was put down this spring.  The heating bills are much less praise the Lord!


Penny battling her fear of heights and taking great pictures!



Fall is spectacular in the North Country!  This is close to the Hospitality House.


A thankfulness tree made by a wife of a soldier!


We are very thankful that they are thankful for this ministry!


Welcome to the Hospitality House!


Fall is a serious time for leaves!  They are half a foot deep out there!


Penny and I attended the East coast Cadence retreat in Asheville, NC which was very refreshing and rewarding!  This picture is of us with our boss Danny and his wife Kathryn.  They have been a blessing and an encouragement to us!


We were blessed to have Todd’s Grandma with us for two weeks and his brother, sister and her husband and daughter with us for a weekend!


Grandma and Penny in the kitchen making dinner for the solders and their family at the Hospitality House!


Thanksgiving Day was a busy day feeding a packed house full of our Heroes!



The staircase “before” picture


Todd sanding everything before new paint


Penny doing her magic!


It’s all in the details!


The staircase “after” picture


Kelsey loving on our soldiers dogs that we dog-sit from time to time!



The old table that would sit 10 people


Bringing in the new table that was custom built by a local craftsman just for this room



The new table!  Seating for up to 16 soldiers & family


Thank you plaques for our local businesses that have donated over $20,000 in supplies for the renovation of the house this year!  Praise God!


Emily continues to sing on the worship team from time to time.  She did an acapella solo of “Thank you Soldiers” on Veteran’s day Sunday.  She knocked it out of the park, we are proud of her! 


Trying to make the front of the Hospitality House as warm and inviting for Christmas as we can!


David being goofy helping Todd get the Christmas tree upright and in the stand!



We had a houseful of soldiers to help us decorate the tree together!


Soldiers competitive at games??  Naw!



We prayed for Curtis while deployed almost every week as a group.  Imagine our surprise when he just waltzes through the door after 9 months in Kuwait and Iraq!  Glad to get Curtis, Josh, and Chris back home!


This table is a hit with everyone!


Penny and I snuck off to Maui for two weeks to celebrate our 25th!  We couldn’t do it in May because we had a construction team here from Alaska for renovation on the house.


Merry Christmas!

We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas!

-Todd, Penny, Emily, & Kelsey!

Celebrating One Year on the Field!


Today a year ago Tim & Bobbi Bettger picked us up from the Syracuse airport and after a short drive we arrived on the mission field here at Ft. Drum!

 A lot has happened in one year and we want to rejoice with you all who partner with us in prayer and financial support to give glory to God!  We have entered into the lives of many soldiers and their families here, we’ve seen God do great and wonderful things in their spiritual lives.  We have laughed, cried, rejoiced, and mourned with our troops, and we have been a refuge and a home away from home for many.   One great take-a-way from this year has been how quickly people come into our lives and how unbelievably fast they leave.  That’s Army life, sigh!  So as we round the calendar track into our second year it has become apparent what our primary goal is, to preach the Gospel of Jesus by word and deed & and be about quick discipleship.  We have seen a great turnover of faces in just one year so whatever we do, it must be with purpose to prepare these men and women for wherever the military will send them next.  Sanctification, purpose of life, living out our Christianity among the lost and drawing the lost to a lifesaving relationship with Jesus.  These are the things that matter most when you don’t have much time.   We endeavor to disciple and mentor our soldiers in and out of our home.

On top of this, as you’ve seen this year has been very busy with the renovation of the house.  We have seen great things happen and seen God’s people rise up to provide along the way!  We can now see the end of the tunnel but we are not out of the tunnel just yet.  I would like to ask all of you who are cheerful givers to our Lord to consider helping us finish this project.  Todd’s personality drives him to complete what has been started and we are so close.  We will labor to finish our Lord’s house here at Ft. Drum as it is stewarded by us and Cadence International.  We will give you a list of things below that we still need to finish and ask that you prayerfully consider what you might be able to do.  Please know that a gift of $5.oo is just as grand as a gift of $5000.00 but more than anything, as the Apostle Paul addressed the Corinthian church:  “The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.  Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.”  2 Corinthians 9:6-8

  • Miscellaneous supplies to do finish work on the house, such as trimming out the windows, building book shelves in the office, master bedroom closet shelving and rods, paint, bathroom faucets, shades and curtains for windows, etc: $1800.00
  • Kitchen update, fix refrigerator, buy a gas stove range, a few cabinets, new hinges for existing doors, new formica counter top material & paint.  $2500.00
  • New flooring on the first floor of the house.  This is the busiest area of the home and the flooring is worn out.  We would like to install a hardwood product that can be refinished over decades and will fit this old craftsman style home.  Materials and install approx: $5500.00
  • Insulation for attic, rafter baffles, rental of insulation blower:  $600
  • HVAC work including the possibility of AC, duct work, removal of electric base board heat with more natural gas forced air so our utility bills will be significantly less.  We would like to replace the wood stove in the basement with a natural gas fireplace that is thermostat controlled.  We don’t have hard numbers on all this yet but might be around $10,000.00
  • New living room furniture and a custom farm style table & benches in the dining room to replace old and worn out furniture: $3000.00
  • Basement flood prevention and installation: $3000.00

This is what’s before us right now.  Each item is important but the ones in red are at the top of the priority list.  Because the house is under construction most of the week as we work on it with power tools everywhere, we have not unpacked the majority of our boxes to settle in and make this home our home yet.  We didn’t feel it was wise with the magnitude of renovation that needed to be done as things get in the way and have to be taken down off walls.  It’s hard to post about all of this but since you are in ministry partnership with us we also know that when a need is not known – it can’t be provided for.   If after prayer, you would like to cheerfully give you can click HERE.

All in all, the Beaudin’s give two thumbs up about life and ministry in Upstate New York. Yes, we miss all our friends in Alaska and elsewhere in the states but we feel your prayers and we appreciate the financial sacrifices you have made, your love, and encouragement for our family.  Here’s to the next year on the field at Ft. Drum!  May it be an awesome year of hearts changed and discipled for the Glory of God!  May our soldiers also be missionaries wherever the wind blows them!

As always, here’s some pictures to share with you!


Celebrating with Sean as he earned his Expert Infantrymen Badge!


New dishwasher to replace the worn out one.  Best Buy was willing to sell it to us for $211!  Praise the Lord!  It’s installed and cleaning 30+ guest dishes on Friday nights!


Dad and the girls out for a ride.  Someone should tell Dad not to take photos when driving 🙂


Thanks to Adam, one of our Soldiers, for professionally cleaning the carpets.  This is the Dining room Before pic.


This is the Living Room After pic, and you can see where the furniture has been


This is the Dining Room After pic!  There is still quite a bit of discoloration though.


The ladies didn’t waste any time getting back to painting trim, the fireplace, & bookshelves!


Our hospitality house living room


Penny taking an afternoon to sew on the dining room table


The Beaudin family and some of our soldier friends on a mountain climb!


Always warms a parent’s heart to see sisterly love


Backyard of the Hospitality House


We have been studying Philippians verse by verse on Friday nights with our servicemen and families


Dog-sitting has become a wonderful ministry to our servicemen!  Meet Riley!


Lists, Lists, Lists of things waiting to get done!


Cleaned up and leveled ground around these trees by the parking lot!  Thanks Jordan & Lori for helping!


Sending our deployed guys some love!


Thank you for taking the time to catch up with what we’ve been up to!  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Jesus.                                     – 1 Thessalonians 5:18


IMG_2848To all of our prayer and financial supporters who partner with us in this work with our servicemen at Ft. Drum.  We hope you all are still praying for us as you see your house key on your keychain.  We pray and thank the Lord for you when we see ours.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:3-6

Working, Serving, & Loving!

Version 4There’s been good commotion happening at the Cadence International Hospitality House at Ft. Drum!  In May, Jason Bucho, Shawn Holly, Ben, Kari, & Rosie Nabinger arrived from Alaska to help install new windows in the house and all 12 were installed!  They were not the correct size for the openings so plenty of sheetrock work happened afterwards.

Not long after that, the back porch door and front door arrived.  We had a few of our servicemen help us carry them into place and help with the installation and they look good!  But more than looking good, the exterior wall insulation, attic insulation and these doors and windows should bring our heating bill down quite a bit this next winter!  Praise the Lord for these accomplishments and thanks to all of you who sent gifts to see this part of the job through!  A total surprise in this whole process came when I asked for a quote for new vinyl siding for the house, just to know what the cost would be.  ABC Supply here in Watertown, Ny contacted their supplier and they donated all the siding for free!  Then the busiest siding company in town worked us into their schedule and installed the siding!  We  had half the money and within a week God provided the rest!  The exterior of the house is now complete and ready for winter!

We continue to enjoy loving on our servicemen & women!  Our numbers have increased and run from the mid twenties to mid thirties on a Friday night and there are always folks who drop in on us to visit or seek counsel during the week.  We are seeing a lot of young couples and lots of little kids!  Emily & Kelsey are doing an amazing job running a children’s ministry while Penny & I work with the adults!  Penny has had lots of help from our soldiers wives cooking in the kitchen and they also help bring food and desserts on Fridays.  We have both been busy mentoring and disciplining servicemen which has been richly rewarding!  We finished our Friday night study of the book of James and are now in Philippians and frequently meet outside around the fire in the evenings for Bible Study.  Todd continues to meet with and work alongside our chaplains, attend change of command ceremonies, counsel Biblically P.T.S.D. issues, and He baptized one of our guys down in the river at our property!  The Lord is at work in our servicemen at Ft. Drum!

We will have been on the field one year in mid September and our personal support continues to stay at 100% which we are so thankful of each of you who make a sacrifice each month to sustain us in this vitally important ministry.  An area we are still trying to shore up a deficit is with the cost of house ministry.  We desire to see the house budget at 100% so we can count on the money being there every month for the mortgage, insurance, cost of food on Friday nights, and to meet with soldiers.  We are gaining momentum with  monthly support but still have a ways to go.  Pray with us on this and if God so inclines you to help even in the littlest bit please click HERE.  Much like a church has a budget for the building and program, this is what we are trying to shore up.

There is still more renovation to be done to the house!  Todd needs to trim out the inside of the new windows, there’s still painting to do, we are still praying for an HVAC person to come help us plan a way to get us completely off electric baseboard heat upstairs and once that is done we will move into our final phase of the renovation which is much needed new flooring on the first floor, a small kitchen update, and new furniture in the living room and dining room.  Todd just recently replaced all the old receptacles and switches in the house which were 1950’s vintage and many had shorts or just plain didn’t work.  It felt a little weird throwing antiques away haha!  As I write this, there isn’t anything left in the project fund to continue work.  But as I told someone the other day, if the Lord wants us to keep working on His house He will provide!  Until then, we shall wait to go back to work!   If you want to keep us working so this huge project comes to completion please click HERE.

As always, we believe pictures tell better stories than our words so we will leave you with visual stories!  Please Enjoy and please know that we love each of you for your prayers and support!  Thanks for loving us and especially our servicemen who sacrifice so much!

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4


Urethane insulation done, just need to blow cellulose over the top this fall.


Enter a caption



Jason and Shawn hard at it!



The scissor lift was necessary to install the Anderson windows.


So thankful for these guys!


Installing a new header where there wasn’t much of one before.


Thanks Nabinger’s for bring Rosie… oh, and of course for all your hard work!


Taking out the water and wood rotted door.


Celebrating new life with Logan and Athena!


Friday nights are our favorite day of the week!


Bible Study in the backyard!


Welcoming home our deployed soldiers happens all the time.


We continue to watch our servicemen’s dogs when they need to be out of town.


New vinyl siding going on!



New front door installed.


New back patio door installed.



We hope to renovate this next spring.  We would like to run the children’s ministry out of the bunkhouse.


BBQ with the Wysor’s!


Thanks Matt for being brave enough to face the demons of war!


Artwork of a PTSD sufferer.  The battle doesn’t stay in foreign lands.



Food brings everyone together!  Another Friday night!


Rob celebrating new spiritual life and obedience in baptism!


Baptized in the river in our backyard!


Change of Command ceremony.  Congrats Lewis!  He’s now in charge of 10 Blackhawk’s, gear, and all the servicemen it takes to fly and operate them.


‘Merica!  Hooah!

Finding our Battle Rhythm



It is hard to believe we have been on the field almost 9 months!  A lot has happened in those months, a lot to us, a lot to the house, and a lot with our servicemen.

I think we are finally finding our battle rhythm.  The definition of battle rhythm is: “a deliberate daily cycle of command, staff, and unit activities intended to synchronize current and future operations.”  It’s getting into the daily rhythm of life and all that happens with your job.  Penny has had wonderful opportunities to connect with many ladies through PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) and has found friendship with Chaplain wives as well as mentorship opportunities with younger ladies.  Penny has been cooking up a storm ever since we got here.

I continue to work with the Chaplains, mentor guys, and counsel them.  It’s rewarding to see growth in their spiritual lives!  We have been studying the book of James verse by verse on Friday nights and see anywhere from 20 to 25 servicemen and their families out to the house.  We are also making progress getting the house known in the community with pastors, businessmen, and the such.  Many businesses have donated product or their time to the house.

Emily has found employment at Olive Garden as a hostess and seems to be enjoying it, she also is involved with PWOC and has made some good friendships with servicemen wives.  She also continues to help us out on Friday nights when all the guys come over for a home cooked meal and Bible Study.

Kelsey is making friends and feels more connected now.  She is almost done with homeschool for the year, which she is very excited about!  Kelsey has been a great help along with her sister watching little kids on Friday nights, cleaning the house and helping make food.

The renovation on the house continues to go well.  We are almost done painting the interior of the house, currently we are painting in the Kitchen area, there is still a lot of trim to paint white but we are making progress!  We’ve had many helpers over to paint, thank you to each of you!  The attic has been cleared of all the old insulation and the exterior walls and attic are being insulated this week.  In two weeks our work crew from Alaska arrives!  They will install all new Anderson windows into the house!  Anderson windows and White’s lumber really stepped up to the plate with a 40% discount!  That’s huge!  The guys at R-Factor Spray Foam gave a deeply discounted price on the insulation work and Bernel Kempney with Kempney Electric donated a full day of labor to help with recess lighting wiring in the attic as well as various other electrical issues in the house!  The funding for the renovation has steadily come in, it has been wonderful to see God provide for His ministry here at Ft. Drum though you!  Thank you for your prayers and gifts!  We still need new doors and the furnace duct work needs to be addressed before winter and then we will enter the final stage of renovation.  If you would like to learn more please click HERE.

We are finding rest in the process of all of this.  Penny has gotten better at saying “I’m not doing anything on the house tomorrow, I’m going to quilt.”  I’m finding time to snooze on the couch when needed.  Life is still pretty hectic and we look forward with anticipation to the day when we can simply “live and do ministry” in the house and not have to “work on the house.”  Penny and I did get a chance to slip away for a week in April to go to the T4G conference.  We met up with some of our church family from Soldotna Bible Chapel and had a blast hearing excellent preaching, singing great hymns of the faith, and enjoying the fellowship of friends!

We want to leave you with some more pictures of what we’ve been up to!


Solders coming home from deployment


Night at the Cross

Night at the Cross Good Friday Service!


Easter Dinner, we had 45+ at the House!  30lbs of ham!

Dog Sitting

We watch our servicemen’s dogs when needed

Moving Tim

Helping one of our guys move from Ft. Drum to Connecticut

Christina painting

Christina painting up a storm!

Version 2

Penny & Amanda



Someone has to do the yucky jobs!

Inulation size

Antique insulation

Insulation size 2

This is what was in the walls of this house and in the attic as well, any guess on R-Value? 🙂

Insulation Removal

Old insulation bagged up and ready for the dump




These guys are installing dense pack cellulose in the walls and spray foam in the attic


Making swiss cheese of the house

Insulation 2

Making swiss cheese of the house


Bernel Kempney with Kempney Electric donating his time to our servicemen


Together 4 the Gospel Conference in Louisville, KY


T4G Conference with Church family from Alaska!


Kelsey helping and resting!


Getting a hug!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with what we are doing!  Blessings to you all!

“Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders which You have done, And Your thoughts toward us; There is none to compare with You. If I would declare and speak of them, They would be too numerous to count.”    -Psalm 40:5

…it’s the little things

I posted this on Facebook a little while back but some of you do not use Facebook so I thought I’d share this with you too.

Let me tell you a story that is probably all too common about Military families. We have some friends here at the Cadence Hospitality House who are both active in the Army named Logan and Athena. Logan is currently deployed down range and Athena is working here at Ft. Drum. Athena asked us the other day if we would watch her two darling dogs Tilly & Runt while she worked away for a couple weeks, which we are very glad to do.  She is around five months pregnant with their firstborn, and she is an Apache helicopter pilot.

Trying to be romantic from thousands of miles away can be difficult when you are deployed, but her husband faithfully sent flowers for Valentine’s Day.   Unfortunately, because of her work in the Army she didn’t get them and didn’t get to enjoy her husbands thoughtfulness.  Instead, we enjoyed her flowers, their dogs, and the sacrifice they give for this Nation.  Just a day in the life of an Army family.  I’m thankful to be able to serve such honorable people, and if you are our prayer and support warriors you too are a part of this story, thank you.

When Athena returned to Ft. Drum we made sure she got fresh flowers.  The picture at the bottom is after tears of joy.

(Shared with their permission)





“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”  Ephesians 5:25

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! It’s off to work we go!

Penny & Kelsey


Sorry it’s been a while since you’ve heard from the Beaudin family, I assure you we have not been hibernating!   We’ve been boots on the ground for 5 months now, though it feels like a lifetime in some ways.  Relationships with our servicemen and women have continued to grow deeper, both Penny and I meet with our vets regularly for discipleship/mentorship, counseling, and prayer.  We have been so blessed by our Father in Heaven, He has provided in fabulous ways that are overwhelming, we hope to share some of that with you!

The girls have been doing good.  Kelsey continues to get to know girls her age and seems to be making some good relationships.  Continue to pray that those relationships grow and blossom.  Emily continues to be a great hand around the house, she keeps busy with us renovating and painting.  She babysits kids weekly, is involved with PWOC (protestant women of chapel) on Post along with Penny, and participates in leading PWOC and Sunday morning Chapel worship.  Emily has made friends with many of our vets and she has connected with one vet’s wife who is close to her age.  For all of this we are thankful.  Pray that she gets called soon for a job interview at one of our local restaurants!

We’ve had some great opportunities to come alongside our Chaplains and do ministry with them on Post sharing the gospel with our men and women.  Here at the HHouse we completed a series on Evangelism and are now studying the book of James.  It’s so refreshing to see our vets excited to learn, talking during the week about the studies, participating in discussion, and applying the truth of the Word!

When we are not meeting with our Heroes during the week you can find us at the HHouse painting up a storm!  There is much painting still to be done but we have had many friends from Post over to help, we are so thankful for each of you!  The house needs insulation in the walls and attic and our doors and windows need replaced.  The utility bill last year for February was $950 dollars.  Most people I’ve talked to here in Watertown figure our bill should be less than half that for this size house.  Many walls have little to nothing for insulation and the attic needs extensive work.  There is a work crew coming from Alaska this May so we want to let you know about that in case you would like to come help out. We also want you to know where we are at financially and what is still needed to address these issues on our Lord’s house here at Ft. Drum.

We’ve asked the leadership at Cadence International if they have the means to help and they have pulled together an amazing $20,000 gift!  We still have bids coming in for supplies, doors & windows, and services like spray foaming the inside of the exterior walls but I estimate our needs to be around $40,000.  We are sitting at $25,000 today.  If you can’t come help but would love to make a contribution to keep us and our servicemen toasty warm during the winter months we would be thankful!  As I write this, Watertown was the coldest place in the contiguous 48 states today at -38 degrees.

Donate to the North Country Hospitality House Renovation by Clicking Here!

Pray for our “Joe’s” some of them are coming home from deployment but others are heading down range soon.  Pray for safety and pray for their loved ones back here on Post.  These families sacrifice so much for this country, we see it all time.

“Do not worry then saying, What will we eat? or What will we drink? or What will we wear for clothing?  For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.…  Matthew 6:31-33

We want to leave you with some pictures so you can also see what we’ve been up to!  Enjoy!



Covering walls to texture the upstairs ceilings


Covering walls to texture the upstairs ceilings


Walls prepared for primer


Walls prepared for primer


Walls prepared for primer


Penny & Matt


Painting Supplies


Rolling Primer


Heat loss and ice sickles


Heat loss and ice sickles


Gaps in windows


Old and worn windows

IMG_1506 (1)

Thermal Image showing heat loss

IMG_1505 (1)

Thermal Image showing heat loss


Christina working hard!


Athena cleaning up ceiling texture


Emily and Craig working hard!


Emily painting away


Penny and Kelsey taking a break


Carpet going in!


Still more detail work to be done, go Emily go!


Replacement of top stair tread


New top stair tread. Stairs will get sanded down and painted later














We were camping in the basement for a little while


Happy campers to finally get to move their beds and furniture into their rooms!


Happy campers to finally get to move their beds and furniture into their rooms!


Emily cleaning blinds


Attending Michaels basketball game. He’s the son of one of our deployed Chaplains


…Every Friday Night we serve 20+ servicemen and have Bible Study


Studying for our Bible Study in James


One of our soldiers leaving us. This happens way too often 😦


New life and Baptisms happen all time at Ft. Drum!


Lake effect snow!

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us, we hope this helps you pray for us and them!

With love,

– The Beaudin’s