Our Time at Ft. Drum is Ending…


It’s been a whirlwind two years at Ft. Drum but our time here is soon coming to a close.  We let Cadence Headquarters know a while ago that it would be helpful to move somewhere warmer in the future.  Sometime within our last two years in Alaska Penny began to struggle with an auto immune deficiency called Raynaud’s Syndrome and over time it has gotten worse, she really struggles with being cold.  If you would like to learn more about Raynaud’s Syndrome you can click Here.  So, Cadence kept that in mind and has been looking for a site that would be a good fit for both of us, the Hospitality House in Pearl Harbor is where they have chosen.  This will be a very bittersweet transition as we are humbly honored to direct the house in Hawaii but have fallen in love with our soldiers here at Ft. Drum.   While we are sad that our time in ministry is coming to a close here we are very excited about the couple who will be replacing us.  Brian and Cathy Hutchens have been with Cadence for 7 years, mostly at Ft. Jackson in South Carolina.   The Cadence ministry at Ft. Drum will be in good hands!

While our next endeavor may sound very utopian, there are some hurdles to clear.  Cadence will place us on a six month Home Assignment beginning March 1st in order to visit our current supporters and raise additional funds that will be needed for this ministry site.  While Hawaii is not cheap, it is a strategic and vital place of ministry to the military.  The island of Oahu has a huge military presence with around 40,000 soldiers and 14 different installations and all 5 branches represented within a close proximity:

Marine CorpsMarine Corps Base Hawaii (Kaneohe Bay), Camp H. M. Smith and Pu’uloa Range Training Facility

ArmyFort ShafterSchofield BarracksWheeler Army Airfield (formerly Wheeler Air Force Base) and Tripler Medical Center

NavyJoint Base Pearl Harbor-HickamNCTAMS PACNaval Magazine Lualualei

Air ForceJoint Base Pearl Harbor-HickamBellows Air Force Station

Coast GuardUSCG ISC HonoluluUSCG Air Station Barbers Point

After our home assignment, we will take over directorship of the Home Port Hospitality House.  If you would like to take a peek at this ministry you can learn more HERE.

Please be in fervent prayer with us during this transitional time as there will be many things on our plate to consider and accomplish before we are released Hawaii, Lord willing later in 2018.  We are so thankful for each of you who are our prayer and support team, we look forward to moving into future ministry with you in Hawaii.


– Mahalo!

6 thoughts on “Our Time at Ft. Drum is Ending…

  1. Dear Todd and Penny. What an adventure from Alaska to Hawaii. At least you will have physical mountains once again to climb although these will be very green. We do understand Penney”s struggle with the cold as Betty with Ms has similar problems with cold weather so we will continue to keep you in our prayers; and covet yours.

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  2. Dear Todd and Penny,

    We are so excited for you – how God has so abundantly used you there at Ft Drum, with how it was so important to get that hospitality house upgraded – and who better than someone who understands Northern weather!, and now this new assignment!

    I’m so thankful for the key that hangs in my kitchen – praying! 😊

    Oh – and I know you have lots, and lots of friends in our area…but our three bedroom walk out basement furnished apartment is open – if you should find the quiet, a fire pit, and proximity from near Robinson Loop on your “things to consider” list. 😊

    Just letting you know…

    With love because of Jesus!

    Liz and John



  3. Dear Todd and Penny,
    I am Grate full to have met you at your Fort Drum Ministry,You blessed me greatly, I’m sure you’ll do the same at your next assignment in Hawaii for all the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen,Marines and Coast Guard Personnel, you meet.
    Daniel J Wellsfry.


  4. Aloha Beaudins!
    We are the current Limited-term staff at Home Port, Oahu. You are about to meet some amazing people when you arrive next September. We are asking our Father to grow the ministry while we are here because, as you know, change is hard and there has been a lot of change. The (mostly!) young men and a few women are truly precious, hard-working and yearning to grow in their faith and bring others to Jesus. We also have some devoted adult leadership team members who are wonderfully dependable and hugely supportive. You are coming to a grand place that is RARELY cold. So far, the coldest temperature overnight was 59 degrees but the days warm to the 70s or low 80s. Hope that sounds nice!
    Let’s connect after our Savior’s birthday so we can chat. In the meantime…
    Mele Kalikimaka, Steve and Annette Nielsen


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