We made it!  We are staying our first night at the North Country Hospitality House at Ft. Drum!  Our furniture will arrive in around 3 weeks and for this week we will spend it with Tim & Bobbi Bettger as they bring us up to speed on the inner workings of the house.  We are a little nervous and much excited!  Pray we remember everything as they leave after this week!!


24 hours without sleep waiting for our next flight into upstate New York!

6 thoughts on “Arrival!

  1. So glad for your safe arrival at your new home. I know The Lord will use you all in a huge way. It seems strange to me, being gone, to picture you not at the Bible Chapel. That’s what life is. God using and changing us. Challenging us just beyond our comfort zone. My prayers for your work Todd and Penny and of course family. Your gifts will be used and appreciated by many young men and women that are dealing with issues most know nothing about. Thank you for your commitment to minister to those that defend us. Your experiences will be different than you can possibly imagine. Never like we think. My prayers that you will be fully aware and obedient as you navigate the road God has for you, and that you be used even greater than you were with our young people in Soldotna. Blessings my brother and sister. You will as appreciated as you are missed.
    Tom Potton


  2. Praying for you as you separate from friends and loved ones in Alaska and praying God will establish each of you with Godly, trustworthy friends and loved ones at Fort Drum.


  3. I like the comments that Tom made. God brought in your support through people obedient to Him. And He will also bring you through this transition. I know because He is faithful!


  4. Wonderful that you all are there! Will be praying for a quick learning curve for all. And that your home in Alaska rents fast.
    Will the girls be in a new school, hope that goes well. love the picture in the airport… Excited to hear of all that the Lord will do thru your selfless service to our service men, and women. May the words of our Lord , recorded in Matt 11:28-30, become a true rest , and make your burden lighter…in His all powerful love, Deb & Tom Hebner


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