Recon Mission to the Cadence House at Ft. Drum a success!


We’ve accepted the mission and we will be moving to upstate New York!

In the second week of June we flew to Watertown, NY and did a little reconnaissance on the ministry of Tim & Bobbi Bettger.  They are a wonderful missionary couple that we will replace as they move on to another Cadence ministry.  We were warmly welcomed and they did a wonderful job showing us the Cadence House, Ft. Drum, instructing us on ministry history, and answering my incessant questions!

As we spent time on Ft. Drum, we had opportunity to talk with their chaplains and were very encouraged as to the enormous possibilities for ministry! Penny & I came away with a clear ministry vision for the future with our Military and their families!  We can’t wait to get to the mission field and get to work!

Would you like to see where we are going?


Front of the Cadence House


Back of the Cadence House


Yes, the property is armored with a Trebuchet!  There’s also a bunkhouse and garage on the property.  Next, pictures of the backyard!



…and if you peek through the trees in the backyard, we are on the Black River!  This will be a great place for military guys to go fishing!




These pictures are from one of the chapel’s at Ft. Drum




Sharing the Gospel and our Lives with the Military!  Thats our mission to the 10th Mountain Division at Ft. Drum!


Fellowship after dinner and Bible study on Friday night. We had around 20 in attendance.

As we continue to prepare to go, would you please pray?

  • Please pray for approx. 2,000 combat vets from Ft. Drum’s 10th Mountain Division who deploy this Fall to Iraq to train Iraqi soldiers how to fight ISIS.
  •  Pray for their young wives and children who will miss them for the 9 months they are gone.
  • Pray for us, as we are so close to being released to the field!  We are only 13 percent away!  Our Lord is providing and He will continue to provide through those He is calling to be apart of something great!  We are at 87%!  Please click Here if you wish to join our partnership team.



“The LORD protects and preserves them, they are counted among the blessed in the land, He does not give them over to the desire of their foes.”  Psalm 41:2

4 thoughts on “Recon Mission to the Cadence House at Ft. Drum a success!

  1. Hey Guys!

    What an exciting update and a great place!! This place just screams potential and sounds like it has seen a legacy of ministry already. What a blessing. We are very happy for you all!

    Go get ’em! Brian

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