Life on the road and off!

Beaudins Back Home

Man!  What a ride!

An appropriate way to sum up our whirlwind trip.  We traveled through 14 states, plus visited Mexico and Canada!  We were so blessed to not have to deal with any major sicknesses or vehicle breakdowns, the Lord kept us safe and fairly well rested.  We enjoyed every visit we had with so many friends and family.  Thanks to all who showed us hospitality, we were so blessed by each of you!

There are many things we learned as a family along the way, but two items of vulnerability I wish to share with you all: the value of family and priority.  We spent two solid months traveling over 10,000 miles in a beautiful mini van one of our supporters graciously provided for us to travel in.  We spent that time in very close proximity to one another, and even though I felt like we were already a close family, this trip brought us closer literally and figuratively.  When there are four of you traveling this way for long periods of time, there is nowhere to retreat when you get annoyed or upset with one another.  As a result, we learned to communicate on an entirely new level.  This was good for us and I believe we are a much stronger family as a result.  The other take away from this trip was an affirmation of our values, priorities, and goals in life.  When asked if I missed home, I would often say I have home with me, so not really.  Yes, we all missed the comfort of our stuff and longed for that place where we could truly be ourselves.  But the reality is we were together and that is truly HOME for us.  The 3 ladies in my life are by far the most valuable treasures I have, on loan from God!  Stuff doesn’t matter as much as relationship with family and friends.

We are now supported at 79%!  Whoo! Hoo!  Only 21% to go!!!

We are overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from those of you who have joined us in partnership!  It’s humbling to say the least and hard for me to think about without being moved to tears.   We appreciate how you have made sacrifices in order to be a part of something so awesome!  You are truly patriots and love the very military that keeps us all safe here in this country we call America.  Thank you.

As we round the final corner, there is still time to join us if our Heavenly Father is directing you to do so.  You can click on this LINK to partner with us!

We do have a few prayer requests if you would pray:

  • Please pray for our trip in June to upstate New York to visit the Ft. Drum Hospitality House.  We need clarity that this is where the Lord desires for us to be and we have much to learn about the ministry there.  Pray that we ask all the right questions.
  • Please continue to pray that our last 21% comes in quickly so we can rest assured the finances are in place for ministry and we can focus on packing our house to move.
  • Would you please pray for some of our friends who are struggling with relational, financial, and health issues?  We spent time trying to minister to their needs on this trip.
  • Please pray that God brings the right renters for our home in Alaska.  We would love to find the perfect couple or small family that might love our home and be good stewards of it while we are away.
  • Lastly, Cadence International holds one conference every 5 years which will occur in late June, about a month from now.  This conference is THE gathering of all Cadence missionaries around the world and a strategic time of training, vision casting for the future, and opportunity for fellowship with your fellow missionaries.  We had resigned that going was not possible because of our timing to get to the field by August, there just isn’t enough time and finances to do both.  Cadence thought it would be wise to allow you to know about this and if God wants us to go, He will provide through His people.  This trip would combine our trip to New York to see our possible place of ministry and allow the girls to go as well.  For our family of four to fly down from Alaska, rent a car in New York and drive it to Wisconsin, cover conference, room and board the cost will be around $7000.  Our window of opportunity is short as they need to know as soon as possible.  If it is to be, it’s to be – otherwise we will wait until 2020 if it is not.  If you have the means and desire to be used by God in this huge way here is the LINK to blow our minds.

Thanks to each of you who read this blog.  We love you and thank you for your support and prayer from the bottom of our hearts!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”  Philippians 4:6

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