Whats a Cadence Hospitality House look like?


The Beaudins arrived in Eagle River November 21st to help Cadence Missionaries Dan Evans and Bob & Stephanie Caudle for the night. As seen in this photo, Penny was busy helping prepare food for our 50+ active military guests for the evening!  This is what it looks like at a Cadence House when it’s time to eat:

I spoke that evening on Luke 5: 17-26, encouraging the urgency of getting our friends to Jesus as the 4 guys did for their paralyzed friend.  I was asked to speak because Dan Evans and Bob Caudle had just returned from a Caribou hunt on Adak Island.


There were 16 guys who joined them from Joint Base Elmendorf / Richardson.  It was a successful hunt with lots of memories, meat, and great opportunity to speak into those guys lives.  They shared their stories that night in small groups while the big screen showed shots of the hunt.


Emily and Kelsey also helped out during the evening.  Kelsey with food prep and Emily with babysitting.  This allowed moms & dads to participate upstairs in the Bible study and fellowship.  They both did a great job!


Lastly, A high school classmate of mine had asked me to try and connect with a family friend of theirs stationed at Ft. Richardson.  It was a great pleasure to introduce Tommy to Cadence!  He’s a hunter and of all nights for him to visit, this was a great night!  The Adak hunt was the icing on the cake!


“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”                      1 Thessalonians 5:11

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