Training at Cadence Headquarters


In the beginning of September 2014 Penny and I traveled to Denver to begin training for our new adventure.  We had just finished our youth group’s Genesis Retreat and on its heals we boarded a plane for an intense week of Candidacy School.  This week of training, interviews, and counseling was unlike anything we had ever been through.  The staff at Cadence were welcoming and wonderful people, they took very good care of us both and we really appreciated all the opportunities we had to get to know each of them.  The picture above shows some of the staff and executive leadership along with us at the end of our training week.

Penny went into this week very nervous, as an introvert she doesn’t prefer attention placed on her.  Not only did she excel each 12 hour day but she delivered a Bible Study to a group of women and counseled from the Scriptures very well.  At the end of the week we had a final interview with some of their Board and executive leadership and were asked if we would join them.  We said yes!

In the end, they told us that I wasn’t too much of a surprise, they pretty much knew what they were getting (still not sure if that was a compliment, haha) but Penny was a great surprise.  She was the talk of the office all week long, about how strong and encouraging she was.  As they put it, she’s a very strong silent type.  I’m glad for an organization that understands introverts, for Penny truly is a treasure.  We should be heading back to headquarters for additional field training once our support is raised, if needed, and so we prayerfully wait 🙂

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